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 Rage: New guy on the Block.

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PostSubject: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:44 am

Jason Kane: Rage

Account Name

Character Full Name


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]


Marital Status



Street brawler

Rages power are fueld by his anger and rage mainly in Strength and endurance, the madder he gets the stronger he gets and his endurance increases along with his muscle mass. As he grows angrier His strength continues to increase to unstoppable limits. There is no known proof that his strength has a limit and when fully enraged he can rip through buildings like wet paper tearing away anything in his path. He also comes with the ability to regenerate wounds after a small period of time. Cuts and bullet holes take longer except major organs which heal with his rage allowing major organs to heal instantly while the outerside takes time to heal.

[Rage is much of a loner preferring to go his own way and work alone since his abilites put others in danger when activated, He has a soft spot for friends but not enough to stop when enraged and would see them as obstacles or worse, enemies. To his opponents he lets his ferocias and unpredictable nature loose not caring for the consequnces of his actions until after his rage is stifled. Rage respects human life outside of his anger and has a deep respect for the holders of the law but when angry they too are just another obstacle in his path.

Rage enjoys the city life and the accompany of friends like any other teen, he is strong in the search of justice and law even if he bends the rules a bit. Jason enjoys fighting especially in street brawls be it small time thugs or his favorite the jesters. he especially likes fighting them when there grouped together having a thrill the more he fights the stronger he becomes. Jason has no fear of the jesters and sees them as clowns with guns then a actual problem having grown up in there turf. Rage loves his city even if it is controlled by scum and full of battles which is probably why he loves it so much since he can build a reputation while pounding on jesters/ He does however have a weak spot for hotty jester girls.

General Appearance
[Rage stands at 6'2 and weights 215 of muscle with a 3% body fat, Dark black hair that hangs over his face and piercing blue eyes with a hawk shaped nose. Jason wears a Black t-shirt with a R on the front and blue jeans It finishes with a pair of black combat boots. Jason has scarred knuckles from all the fights he has been in though some are missing from his healing.]

[Fighting, Justice, Jester girls, hellions.]

[Cowards, Law breakers, Jester guys, Black market Mafia,]

[jason belives solely in the art of the fist seeing that he would make his destiny with his own hands rather than relying on someone else even religion.i]

Place of Birth
[i][East Side Nogard.]

[i][Jason was born in East Side Nogard to not so normal parents, His father had been a professional Boxer before the Black Market mob moved in and his mother was a Ex hellion soldier. As Jason grew his parents started to train jason to fight and though he was shown weaponry it was easy to see he preffered his fathers way so his mother began to train him in martial arts as well as his father trained him in Boxing. Schooling was done at home since it was dangerous to go to the public schools in the city. As Jason grew older his skills became better until at 12 he got into his first fight with a initiate Jester wanting to make a name for himself. jason put the Kid in the hospital with a single punch to the throat breaking the mans neck.

As Jason got older he got into more and more fights but never to make a name for himself he just found he enjoyed the battles. When Jason was fourteen he got into a fight but things went wrong when his friend was stabbed in the stomach. Jason let his rage go something he had been trained from the beginning to never allow to happen. But instead of losing his mind he felt strength surge through his body and with one hit he sent a Jester through a wall shattering the mans spine. Not one Jester survived that day but his friend died from his wound. Lucky for Jason he had killed all the Jesters and that they were small time. Taking the knife he stabbed each one making it look like a brawl that got out of hand. Jason returned home and told his parents what had happened. Time went by and Jason began to slowly let bits of his rage come out to test his limits. Now at Sixteen Jason still can't fully control the rage that surges through him. Jason still wonders the streets looking for fights only now he has a back up ability to help him in his fights.[i]
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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:22 pm

Whats Up.

I am Sebastian and I will be checking this application for ya.

Everything looks pretty good, but there are few things I am sure you are aware needs a bit more detail.

Having the power of the Hulk is all well and good, but we have a system of how power increases here. I would suggest checking these guides on how fortune works before making an ability. I would suggest a scale on how much your power increases based on how ever high his fortune is. Other than that I dont see the ability itself getting approved as it is. Click here to read.

Also use the stats to explain the increase of strength rather than comparing it to what you can break or smash.

Also I think there are a few issues with your coding might wanna fix that. Other than that you look good to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:27 pm

That is his ability but like everything else for a new person coming into there powers it takes time to develop. As he fights and lives (I rp) he will unlock more of his power with the stat system. His strength in the stats would be on god level fully awakened though. I can't seem to find a part for the start off stat points though.

His stamina later on would be on impregnable but once again it's something he has to work for. I'm not sure what the start off stats are here.
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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:40 pm

Thats not what I meant. The way the system works, all of these details need to be stated in terms of stats. You comparing what he can do differs from the entire point of even having a stat system. I am aware that he will increase but his anger can only increase his power by so much, which is why a scale will be needed to explain the increase. The scale needs to be based off his Fortune and based off that you should decide on how many stat points for strength and whatever else it will increase.

Perhaps you need to read the guide again and maybe the technique guide as well, Link

Also the start off stats are explained when you make your character update template which is located here. And a example template can be seen here. 32 points are allowed as a start off, I highly suggest reading through all the guides when it comes to making an app otherwise you will constantly be confused about certain things.
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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:09 pm

After our discussion in the C-Box. You are Approved 1/2.
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Lucian V. Crimson

Lucian V. Crimson

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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:13 pm

Approved 2/2 Super boy AHAhHAHAHAHHAH!
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PostSubject: Re: Rage: New guy on the Block.   

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Rage: New guy on the Block.
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