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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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PostSubject: Sebastian Corleone    Sebastian Corleone  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 11:43 am

Sebastian Corleone///

Sebastian Corleone  Akira_inugami_by_fuyumine87-d331jlr

Account Name

Character Full Name
Corleone, Sebastian




Marital Status





Magma Materialization and Manipulation
Sabure is fully able to bring magma itself from his body without the need of having any mediums other than his own ability to do so. Its because of this ability he has a natural high resistance to fire, with Sabure only taking 1/4 of the damage the average person would take from the fire. Meanwhile, water/ice would do twice as much damage than it would to a normal person. The powers basically grant the means to create magma from any part of Sabure's body and even manipulate magma that may already be present around him.

Sabure is a man that if gifted with knowing how to say just the right things to get what he wants. This is especially applies to when he speaks to the opposite gender, as he is quite the smooth talker. Being that sweeping woman off their feet is one of his favorite past times he may sometimes even lose focus of his true goals, though these occurrences are far and few between. He is often times the life of any party or celebration he goes to and can get along with just about anyone he meets. When it comes to business, he is naturally talented at working his plans into the heads of people, by any means to make sure he gets what he wants. One might believe that Sabure just enjoys enjoys hearing himself talk though this might not be far from truth he never spouts random nonsense unless he is simply teasing someone. He is a man who wants alot and in his mind it takes a certain "gift of gab" to get anywhere in life.

Sabure has a thirst for knowledge that is matched only by his lust for money, fame, and woman. He is a firm believer in the whole "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" concept. So he will usually study thoroughly about certain things that may hold value in the future. This could be ranging from island geography or urban legends that may surround certain islands. Because he is always looking to make more money he feels such knowledge is necessary so that he may actually have a general idea of what he is looking for. This may also come into play, which go hand and hand with his
charismatic ways, when he needs to pump people for information. Because of his natural way with words he can easily get information from people, even if it means putting together key parts of what a person is saying just to get an understanding. This in mind he will rarely jump into any altercation if he can, he would rather pick the brains of people to determine if he should even bother fighting them.

Narcissist and Natural Swag
Sabure's number one fan is Sabure. The man loves himself almost as much as he loves making more money. He believes himself to be a visionary unlike other people these days. He already feels he is the epitome of the greatness and isn't shy in the least to admit it. To him the world is his stage and he plays the role of the leading man. Which may lead many to believe he might be a fame junkie, and though this may not be far from true his desire for more power and money out weigh his desire for fame. Simply put the man's ego is off the charts and it is quite obvious by the way he carries himself that he is extremely confident in all he does. He does somewhat care what others think in this aspect as he feels all should see him as he wants to be seen. As a result he will often make decisions that would never conflict with his "reputation" as he would state, making him an unpredictable man as no one can truly guess what he has going on in his head.

Money is always the motivation for Sabure to move forward. To him money is power, and this power grants its master the possibility to do anything. This in mind, he is always plotting on how he can acquire more of it as fast as possible. He isn't above double-crossing others to acquire money either and will smile in your face as he does it. Only in the most severe cases, like for example his life being on the line, will he ever abandon money. Though he never openly shows his affection for it as any good thief will know that secrecy is apart of diplomacy as well.

Callous and Ambitious
Bellow Sabure's outgoing exterior lies his true nature. He is a man who cares little for others, with possibly his on close family as the only exception. Because he is such a driven individual he will always do whatever he can to see that he gets what he needs. He feels that the best way to kill someone is to take everything from them, though he is cold he wont always resort to killing though he isn't above brutal beatings. Because of the fact he demands respect he is prone to be aggressive if he feels disrespected. And the fact he rarely shows his true intentions, its always hard to tell if he is angered though people who are around him long enough might notice when he is angered. His signs usually revolve around scratching his head, giving a wide grin, or cracks his neck.

General Appearance
Sabure is a very healthy guy for his age. He has an impressive little build with a six-pack though it isn't that well defined. His legs and arms are slightly bigger in terms of thickness for someone his age showing the signs of his work ethic to get stronger. His hands are a little big for someone his age though it is only slightly and the palms are rough and firm from working so much. His feet however, a size 9 which is just under average, are very hard and a little rough from moving around and being on them so much. His calf muscle is very hard and solid, all in all giving this young boy a better than some men twice his age. He has several small cuts and scraps on his body, remnants of his childhood days and his hard training. He has a birthmark of the clan symbol on his arm which astounded many of his clan as he was the first and only to be born with such a distinct mark. His hair is neck length though Sabure keeps it in a wild unkempt manner. His hair color is a dark grey that looks almost black, though upon closer inspection one can see the gray color. He stands about 5'9 and weighs close to 155lbs, which includes his clothing, and his skin tone is slightly tanned , not so much that he is a light bronze but enough for some to see he spends some of his time outside. He has very relaxed garnet colored eyes, and very few smile or frown marks as he doesn't do much of either very often. His eyes are usually half closed giving people the impression he is tired, though this just how is eyes are naturally shaped.

Sabure dresses how he wants as he prefers his own style over anything else. Mostly he can be found wearing blue jean pants, some may even have designs on them. A black T-shirt particularly a plain one and the length of the shirt will always go past his waist line. Over this he will wear a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up, the jacket itself is thin and is more closer to being a long sleeve button up shirt than a jacket. The collar of the jacket has fur on it that Sabure would willing tell anyone is the fur from a wolf. Lastly his shoes always matches his undershirt which are black.

When on business he will always dress to impress as he prefers his black leather jacket with a length that goes past the waistline to just over the back area of the knee. On the back of the leather jacket it is split at the end making the tail of the jacket split in two so that moving around in it is easier. He wears his jacket over his all black formal button up shirt that he has tucked into his pants. He wears stripped suit pants that fit comfortably on his body to the point if needed he could fight in them. His shoes are leather matching the leather jacket. He wears a leather belt to make sure his pants doesn't sag. On occasion he will wear black leather gloves though its only on occasion. And he wears black paten leather dress shoes. He may also be prone to wear a hat though its not all the time.

  • Marijuana
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Aggressive Woman
  • Himself
  • Money
  • Partying

  • Being Woken Up
  • Anyone who Doesn't drink or smoke
  • Ignorance
  • Pointless Killing
  • Cowards
  • Anyone who has no beliefs at all

Sabure believes in himself. A person should always have faith first in their self before they can have faith in something else. As such he is a firm believer that nothing will ever change unless he personally does something about it.

Place of Birth

Sabure was never a wanted child, shortly after his younger brother was born their mother cast them away and left him at some orphanage so he had no clue who his parents were. His only gift from his mother was his name Sebastian, and his last name he assumed was a gift from his father which was Corleone, where his middle name originated was a mystery to Sabure one he never truly cared enough to find out about. He was raised only a short time at the orphanage before he was eventually adopted by a family only to be returned because he was assumed a problem child. He and his little brother were the only children at the orphanage to ever be adopted and returned so many times in the course of their life to the point one can say they were blackballed by life itself as he could never find that loving home that would accept him for who he was. At such a young age he learned that his hostility is what kept him from his dream of a family and thus decided to appeal to the people as a sweet boy who always smiled. In short he felt like a clown, putting on a show for people who picked amongst the children as if they were puppies at a pound. Despite his best efforts he couldn't help but be himself, he talked back to the Matron who was the owner of the orphanage, and eventually became known as the problem child to the orphans and Matron. After he reached the age of ten Matron herself decided it best to take the boy and his younger brother as her own sons, being that she had no biological children and the majority of the other children had either found homes or simply were to old to remain at the orphanage.

Sabure wasn't to thrilled about the idea, then again neither was Matron being that the two always butted heads. And disciplining Sabure rarely worked at all as he took things like that negatively by taking his anger out on others at school. Often times he would come home beaten up because he got into a fight with other kids, most even older than him. It got so bad that Sabure was kicked out of the school and was forced into a more academy like school where the teachers and staff were much more strict on their children. For every time Sabure caused trouble he was punished to the point it was borderline child abuse as he would be whipped until he either complied with what they wanted or he passed out from the pain. Despite his protest Matron insisted it was for his won good, and being that Sabure had no control over his life, or at least as he saw it, he had little choice but to conform to what these people wanted him to be. Slowly he lost himself as he was beaten into what the people considered to be a model member of society. But his entire life would change for the better on his 18th birthday.

An attack erupted on the city in the form of the Jesters. They fell upon the town like a plague killing at will anyone who dared to stand in the way. Sabure hid inside the orphanage along with his brother where they were able to watch the carnage outside from a hole in the wall. Sabure had always lived in a world that revolved around order and yet here were people that had no order. They took what they want and killed all who had a problem with it, such a thing managed Sabure would have never guessed was even possible. He immediately became enraged with these criminals, he wanted nothing more than to put these criminals in their place. Once the Jesters had finished with their pillaging they left the area a bloody mess. Sabure walked from his hiding place along with his brother and looked upon the result of when chaos meets order. All the people who had made his life hell up till now were dead, just desserts is what he figured. He found it ironic after all his years of torment that he and his little brother would be the only survivors. He had no attachments to this place and would be happy to leave it, something he was sure his brother would agree with. He searched the immediate area for anything that the Jesters may have missed in the attacked and managed to find a little money that he split evenly with his younger brother. After taking any other valuables they could find, they set out to find somewhere they could get a fresh new start, the Jester attacked had awakened something in Sabure. He had a drive to want to be in that chaos and make sure the world knew he was the cause or at least its master. It would take money and power to do this, something he had none of. But he wouldn't settle for not having it. He would achieve the fame and fortune he wanted even if he had to set the entire world aflame.

After a few years, Sabure had made a minor name for himself in the more underhanded part of society. He was eventually contacted by some secret organization known as Osiris which found his power as well as his methods of handling business useful. As a result he was taken in by the group as one of its members, and now currently he works as a bouncer for one of the clubs in Omega.
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Approved 1/2

I like the whole thing but your our leader for a reason lol.
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approved 2/2 Magma-Boy AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

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