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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Arkhan, Titus [WIP]

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Titus Arkhan

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PostSubject: Arkhan, Titus [WIP]   Arkhan, Titus [WIP] Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 1:04 am

Character Name Here///

Arkhan, Titus [WIP] Titus_10]

Account Name
Titus Arkhan

Character Full Name[Arkhan, Titus]
Nickname[Mr. Monday.]
Epithet/Alias[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]
Marital Status
Professional Hypnotist
At the call of "One, Two, Monday" everything about Titus is under his spell. Titus has mastered the power of completely hypnosis on such a level he can alter the properties of objects about him allowing him to turn flowers into deadly swords and bullets into fluff for a limited time. Complete hypnosis requires concentration and skill taking normal people years to master but Titus only a few months.
Complete hypnosis also can effect people who are fatally wounded or disillusioned by Titus's words or appearance.
Complete Hypnosis ends when the coin on the string Titus uses stops swinging.
Complete Hypnosis can also cause Titus to move faster within the area that is under the effect.

Am I a genius or simply mad? My friends and colleagues say I am insane but i see myself as simply brilliant, let me open your mind to my words and my ideals and your world will change forever. "One, Two, Monday"
Sadistic, charming and brilliant, three words you can use to describe Titus before you fall under his spell. Is it his charming grace? Or maybe his looks? Whatever it is, this man is deadly.
Titus is a very manipulative man living his life in his own self imposed way, he sees himself as god and everyone else just pawns so he can create a new world.
Though he is manipulative he is actually extremely loyal towards Osiris doing anything to further their goals and destroying anyone that gets in his way.

General Appearance
Titus’s eyes are dark blue tinted with white flecks. His hair is black with a bright red streak running across from his forhead to his left ear. His hair is cut so that it hangs just above his ears.
Titus is a lanky man with enough muscle to get by. His skin is tan enough to not be pale but stilll appears white. His nails are well trimmed and his fingers seem to be longer then normal humans, whether it is a trick of the eye or true is to be determined, both index fingers are adorned with a ring which seem to just be a dirty silver band. His face is cleanshaven and he frequently wears dark brown sunglasses with orange lenses in all enviroments
He wears a plain white t-shirt with the words “Adventure Time” on it in black, faded and worn with age, five bands adorn both of his arms. they are made of wrought iron and linked with chains. Over this he wears a long blackovercoat which he usually keeps closed at all times. His shirt hangs over his belt which is brown and has what looks to be a super man buckle. He wears black denim jeans which are to faded with age and white boots with straps to keep them on Titus’s feet.
Titus also has access to a modified flintlock pistol which feeds off a hidden powersource and fires bolts of energy.
A coin hangs by a string from his left hands index finger, he usually has this tucked into his pocket.

  • Lucky “I have to lose sometime, right?”Titus is said to be lucky by the way he all-in's in poker blind and somehow wins with flushes and full houses.
  • Positive “Hey we could be dead”Titus is extremely positive in even the most dire of situations. He sees outcomes as something that was going to happen anyway so why not be happy about it? Some people would find this incredibly annoying well, Titus finds it annoying when your constantly putting a downer on his mood!
  • Straightforward “Look, I killed your cat”Titus is extremely straightforward about most things. Why blind people with half truths and lies? Why not just tell them what is actually happening? Their cat was attacked by an enemy gangmember. It’s what they obviously wanted to hear, right?
  • Levelheaded “I mean we could be getting attacked by a stampede of bulls”When you are as straightforward and positive as Titus, you can’t help but me levelheaded. Titus also helps in calming other people and helping impossible situations look like a walk in the park.
  • Creative “Knitting is fun, you just need to be good at it”Titus is very creative when he isn’t tracking down different gangs and getting rid of them. He can do all sort of things like right a novella or do some cooking and then paint a portrait.


  • Cold.Level headedness makes you cold. It makes you not care for the cries of dismay and blood murder. It makes you not sympathise to anything. Maybe, this is a flaw in Titus’s mental structure or actually, a cunning safe guard so he doesn’t lose his cool. Whatever it is, it’s emotionless.
  • Hatred.Titus hates other gangs for unfairly bringing the citizens into their constant battles, the only way to stop them is to kill them both off, that way Humans will never have to be involved. He just has to kill enough first.
  • Clouded.Titus’s mind and decisions can sometimes be clouded by his hate for gangmembers, sometimes going to absurd lengths to achieve his goal of ridding the world of both.
  • Poisonous.Titus’s views and motives can sometimes cloud the minds of others, making his ideals sound incredibly persuasive, all you need to do is take his hand and join him for the greater good.

Beliefs/ReligionAtheist, there is no god. Only death.
Place of Birth[Location Disclosed.]

Titus was born to a poor farming family in Southern Germany and spent the start of his childhood watching his father tend to their farm and his mother mend their clothing. As he grew his mother taught him his letters and his father taught him how to work the farm, it became apparent to both his parents that Titus was not for farm work so, with what little money they had, they sent him off to stay at his aunts to attend school. Titus’s studied many different types of languages and looked at being a linguist to the great delight of his Aunt and from the letters his parents sent, his parents.

Near the end of his school career, Titus realised he was different from other children. This was shown by his almost exclusion from groups and cliques. This didn’t worry Titus because he had friends, friends other people couldn’t see. This was Titus’s secret and he revelled in it. However, his teachers sent home messages to his Aunt telling her they worried about Titus’s mental state of health. That night Titus and his aunt had an argument with him declaring he would go home. His aunt agreed and she packed his bags and sent him on his way.

He didn’t return home, he hated the world far too much, instead he decided he would do what his passion commanded and study hypnosis. He went through many magicians and hypnotists and realised they could teach him nothing until one day he discovered a book that taught him the secrets of complete hypnosis, this book changed his ideals of the world and so after he decided he would be the greatest manipulator the world had ever seen.

Shortly after he was sent mail from Osiris telling him of their interest in him and wondering if they’d like to join to make a new world.
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Arkhan, Titus [WIP]
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