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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.

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Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Empty
PostSubject: Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.   Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 1:18 am

Adrien Redra

Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Anime_boy1

Account Name

Character Full Name


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]


Marital Status




Dreads power is reality bending, it is a control over reality itself allowing the wielder to adapt reality to his own wishes. The power consists of Removing things, adding things, changing things, erasing, creating, and more. the power is warping reality to Dreads wishes and creating what his imagination allows him to. He can change the weather by thought or create and destroy matter, warp the laws of physics and even change the way most people think. The power is considered a powerful telekinetic ability that allows him to warp and change the laws of physics to suite himself. The powers of a Reality warper is large from pulling mallets and hammers out of nowhere to making small black holes for people to fall down in.

One of the most devastating is Physical manipulation meaning that he breaks down the laws of physics and allowing him to create his own versions of reality by taking the reality he is in and warping it to his own designs. This part of the power is limited only by his imagination and creativity and allows him to change one thing to another like a Gun to mercury or a Bullet to Water. Another form and the most powerful is Logic warping where he breaks down logic itself making things like 2+2=Fish and it be true. the world itself can be changed to something like a wasteland or a fireball but that takes tremendous amounts of power at once and could kill the user. it also allows the opening of worm holes for travel and instantanious movement from one location to another. Logic manipulation falls under something like a god altering reality to his own vision. This is the power that Dread wieldes. Dreads powers wrk with the power of his own ability even against others. If the power of his opponent is greater then his own it won't be stopped. If his power is equal or greater than his opponents attack he will prevail.]

[i]Dread has a very twisted way of looking at the world and likes things to be "His Way" he has no remorse or mercy for anyone and punsihes anyone who doesn't agree with him. Dread enjoys causing pain to anyone he meets including his own friends to get them to the point where betraying him would be worse then death. The more people around Dread the happier his mood is and the more they listen the more he "Rewards" People. His personality is eradict at best and down right strange at least, he can't stand mummblers and it infuriates him when people mummble arund him. The one thing he found he does love however is Money since for some reason it is the one thing he can't create.

Cynical is not enough for this kid, Dread is a straight frward psychopath with a superiority complex and a lot of anger issues, he has zero trust of people but accepts what he sees as servents. The people who hang around him find him to be insanely dark. Dread loves torturing others and sees it as a bit of a game. He especially loves tricking people to do his bidding then turning on them in the end. he is complex when it comes to emotions swinging from anger to happiness to pure rage quickly. Dread has no care for human life of any sort and lives only for himself. ]

General Appearance
[Dread wars a simple black hoody with black pants, he has silver hair and hazel eyes but whether he was born like that or if he changed it is unknown. He wears a gold rolex on his right wrist and a diamond ring he had taken. He has brand new cowboy boots made of Snakeskin and carries a orb with him. Dread stands at 5'7 with a athletic runners build standing tall and lithe. His hair falls down to his shoulders and two bangs hang over his face on both side of his eyes. he has a handsome young look to him but kinda guant with Deep hazel eyes that hold a innate knowledge.

Dread continues his look with a black belt that hangs off the last loops and two chains attached to the side loops. His hair has a wild style to it making it look like he just got out of bed. His body is well toned from constant running and has nimble fingers and quick hands. Around his neck he wears a Gold amulet with a ruby center he had taken off a woman after cutting her throat. On his left hand he has a Gold ring set with a Sapphire another item he had stolen. His last piece of clothing is a tie he wears around his neck that hangs outside. It is solid red and is the only thing he has from a nice man who he destroyed to get the tie.]

[Money, power, others obeying him, being told he is clever.]

[Mummblers, people in the way of his money, Anyone who messes with his creations.]

[Simply put Dread belives in money and power..]

Place of Birth
[Omega IV]

[i][Dread was born in omega IV, both his parents were obsessive gamblers and druggies who's only concern was there next hit. From a Child, Dread had never known love or caring only hate and greed. He grew up being beaten and abused and blamed for everything that had ever gone wrong in there lives. As time passed the beatings got worst and the hatred grew. The last straw came when his father came home in a rage from losing at the tables again. He turned to take his wrath out on his son for his own ignorance. After the first punch Dread lashed out not with his fist but with his will and his father was erased down to the molecules.

His mother was terrified and went at her son with a knife only to have the knife change into a cobra and bite her in the throat. the snake struck several times and his mother dropped to the ground twitching. Dread sat watching his mother die then left taking his only set of clothes and his parents money and left. At the time Dread was only ten years old and in two years Dread had made a small name for himself as a Killer for everyone he robbed died some way. At times people would vanish without a trace.

Dread began moving up in his spare time going for bigger heists then just petty mugging and pickpocketing. On that trip he met a young lady named Selene who was a telepath and also a small time thief. the pair of them hit a musem stealing a solid gold rod. Dread and Selene took the rod and escaped but were pursued. Dread turned defending them and changed the guards into rats by sheer will. Dread escaped with Selene and returned to her hideout only to find she wasn't alone. Instead she had a small band of petty thieves with her.

Dread joined the group and after much effort managed to sell the golden rod for quite a bit of money. The kids took over a broken down home and renovated it to there own wishes but good things don't happen t bad people and a group of older thugs saw the lights. they attacked the house killing anyone they ran into. Lucky for the kids only two had met the thugs out of the twenty that resided there and unfortuantly the thugs ran into Dread sitting on the stairs. With a single word he rended the simple thugs to the molecular level shredding them to pieces.

The thugs were erased so proficently that the two children who died awoke. The memories of the men vanished along with it and for the first time Dread understood a piece of friendship. As time went on Dread decided to leave the rest of the fortune with the children and vanished into the night once again looking out for number one and the power he was learning to wield. Selene watched him go wondering what his future would hold before she turned away and walked back into her new home with her own family of thieves.]
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PostSubject: Re: Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.   Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 2:52 am

Remember what we discussed. Approved 1/2
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PostSubject: Re: Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.   Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 3:09 am


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Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.   Dread: Good things happen to the Bad. Icon_minitime

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Dread: Good things happen to the Bad.
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