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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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PostSubject: Vincent Castros, Spade   Vincent Castros, Spade Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 6:38 am

Vincent Spade

Vincent Castros, Spade Rag_110

Account Name

Character Full Name
Spade, Vincent, Castros]


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]


Marital Status


What exactly is your character in the world: Criminal/Civilian

Spy for Osiris: Going by the identity of Ace.


As Ace he works for the Black Market Family. But he is only really there to gather intell.



Enlightenment Of Vibrations and Shockwaves

Vincent is capable of creating intense, and destructive vibration waves from any part of his body. With a forward motion like a punch or kick, he can release powerful shockwaves enough shatter even the strongest of defenses. EOVS Can cause objects/people to be pushed over, repulsed back, shatter fragile objects.
He can even cause earthquakes.Vince unleashes a seismic wave from their body to dislodge underground tectonic plates, thus causing earthquakes. Vincent claims EOVS to be the ultimate defense and offense, sending powerful vibrations through the air to disrupt attacks and using the same method of shockwaves to over power his opponents. Being able to send his vibrations through any medium makes defending pretty difficult. Even by making loud shouts and yells, can cause devastating effects enough to shatter glass and inflict immense pain on opponents using sound waves. EOVS can even be used in small ways, just casing things to vibrate and shake, with little effort can increase the power of Vince's strikes. Making seem like he has super strength. Used under his feet, in a forward motion to increase his speed and jumping height.

When under his Ace alias he will not use EOVS, do to the chances someone figuring out who he is. Only when under a dire situation is when he will use his powers.


Determination: Vince has this uncanny motivation to simply achieve. He is remarkably determined to just be the best that he can be no matter what. He doesn’t exactly know what his goal is in life, but to him that’s what makes it all the better. He’s just going to keep going. He rather be remembered for his determination and hard work then being a genius. He is a extremely hard worker, and quite competitive. Vincent has grown to be quite dependable when it comes to anything, have it be paperwork to the most violent of situations. He tries his best at every single task given to him.

Loyalty: He is an extremely loyal fellow, to his comrades, allies and Osiris. He is the type to put his life on the line to save another’s without even a second thought about it. He is a fair man, and expects nothing from his allies he wouldn’t give in return. He doesn’t like losing people in the midst of battle, and tries to focus on as less casualties as possible. But he knows the sacrifice everyone makes when in a fight.

Curious Mind: Vince is a very curious person to things he has not seen or studied before, instead of running in fear a large viscous beast he would want to get close to it, see what its like and all of its mannerisms. Also the reason he partakes on many missions without rest, he secretly likes the travel and seeing new things that studying books can not give him, real life experience with the world at hand. This is the way he is with women as well finding most of them very interesting, he wants to learn more about certain women and how they act.

Witty: Probably his trademark feature, is his undying witt and sense of humor. He is always cracking a joke even in the most serious situations. It's the way he handles threats and death like situations without losing his cool, he jokes and witty nature have actually saved his life on more then one occasion. With his constant batter and remarks he aggravates his enemies, and easily gets on their nerves. Causing them to lose their cool and making them look clumsy. He really use this as Ace, to the point where people think he is crazy cause he never shuts up. Just blabbering random things for no reason at all. But he is able to hit someone's core easily, getting to their sensitive side and making them emotional in midst of battle. Even at the face of certain death, Vince invariably cracks a joke, to the annoyance of both friends and foes.

General Appearance

Regular Looks

Vincent has very casual and normal look to him. Nothing about really stands out and he prefers it that way. His eyes are bright yellowish brown, and when you look at them closely they really pop out but thats it. He keeps his hair short never wanting it to go past his lower neck, and it's been dark brown for aslong as he can remember. He did dye it pure black once, but he got rid of it although some strands of his hair are pure black. As for body Vincent is in incredible shape, thanks to the intense exercise he's been forced to do since he was young. Being very cut and slim to keep with his acrobatic style of combat, also incorporating parkour, free running and intense swimming to keep his body slim and slender but also hard. This with the many different styles of martial arts he has practiced kinda has given Vince a peak human like body.

As for clothing, Vince likes to keep it casual wearing flannels and button shirts with jeans are cargos. Sometimes just basic t's and shirts. When its warm he wont hesitate to break out into shorts and tank tops. He doesn't like getting dressy but he will if he must,wearing suits and tuxedos.

As Ace when working for the BMF

Now when under the persona of Ace, he wears a light torso armor shirt. It doesn't really block bullets and heavy blows but it does provide light protection. He'll wear a jacket over it, to give him a sort of natural look. Grey or black combat pants and cargos with boots. He covers his face with a light red helmet, built to be extremely resilient to toxins and breathable poisons. Also the helmet changes his voice to be more gruff sounding, not wanting anyone to remember him by his voice.



free food




Hellion Soldiers


talkative women

Believes there is no God.

Place of Birth


Vince was born in the City known as Omega IV, a place for its riches and money spending. Glorious women, drugs and even criminal activity. Vincent was born straight into the heart of Osiris operations. From a young age he already how to play the game, and most importantly his father taught him to win at this game. Osiris is a powerful group, known for it's fearsome reputation to anyone linked to the underground. Not even the Hellion wants to really start something with them especially in Omega IV. With this kind of upbringing Vince was raised to be headstrong, fearless but smart, and most of all powerful. The Spade family has been linked to Osiris for many years, while Vince's father Corbane was not the leader, he had a big influence on the group overall. At age nine Vince already witnessed his first point blank head shot murder from a man known as Vinchetti, who was kind of like on of Vince's mentors. Aside from Corbane, Vinchetti showed many things to Vince, and taught him a lot too. Vinchetti was a big dude with a even bigger sense of humor, this is where Vince gets his witty nature from.

When Vince turned 12 he did his first hit with his best friend Matt. They had to kill an old drug addict for trying to steal money, from the after night club. It was from here on that Vinchetti and Corbane told Vince and Matt that everything they have been doing was practice like a test. They were being trained to take part in the "New World" Although being young Vince matured a little with that in mind. He took part in group take outs, when he turned 13. Which is what he called it when a group of his friends would go around and kill a group of jesters, and even if they were feeling ballsy a group of BMF that were standing around corners in Bedlam. But they never tried to mess with Hellion they new better then that, they weren't ready. Vince would often get caught saying that his early teenage years were the best years. He lost his virginity at age 13 as well, sleeping with a 17 year old girl on her home from school. Vince would joke around and say that was his first love. When he only considered her a one night stand, or one day stand in his mind.

At age 17 Vince too part in a little gang war, with his friends Matt, Jared, Kyle and Max. They laugh about it till this day, saying they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was the evening, and Kyle was driving back home with the rest in the back of the truck. They just dropped some girls home after a bit of messing around, smoking pot, all the good stuff. They were cruising through Nogard City something they have been warned about on more then one occasion. The only one who seemed scared was Jared. But Kyle feared nothing so since he was behind the wheel he decided to cruise around a bit more. Plus they had their defenses on them, so if they did get caught in anything they knew what to do. It was like natural instinct to them now, kill when threatened. Vince was a bit tipsy tonight, he had a little too much to drink while they were out. So everything for some reason was just funny to him, and he was in the far back of the truck just for his personal safety. Suddenly a loud boom was heard from in front of them, and a small little store was in flames. Little did they know tonight was the night where the war started between BMF and the Jesters.

Kyle quickly backed the truck up to avoid being shot at, but it was to late. Bullets came flying at the truck, it was a good thing that the truck had bullet proof windows.

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Vincent Castros, Spade
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