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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester

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Lucian V. Crimson

Lucian V. Crimson

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PostSubject: Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester   Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:00 pm

Lucian vincent Crimson

Account Name

Character Full Name
[Crimson,Lucian, Vincent ]


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]


Marital Status

[Male ]


Main killer for the Jesters

Aries was the war god and Lucian is his child, Lucian is basically the offspring of fighting and war. So as long as the fight last the longer his power grows but unlike his father.secondly he has the power of the war aura, Which allows him to do two things,This aura always drives others around him mad with blood thirst, which in turn leads to more fighting, but this is not without it downfalls, Because of the blood thirst he will not stop fighting till he dies or the object of his rage is dead so this means extreme exhaustion. A He also has the skill with all kinds of weapons.

[They say that Lucian has been driven to the point of extreme insanity, they say only the head chief of the jester is the only mad man more insane than he is. This insanity is merely more than a cover for him as he seeks to take control of the Jesters. In actuality Lucian is quite sane, and intelligent but because of the war aura people believe that he merely is going crazy with blood lust but he is plotting. He can be quite civil but there are times when the blood thirst does take over and he cannot control himself. Unlike other vampires he lacks the automatic charm like the others but he can still pull women just not but them under a trance.

When alone he is calm and collected, unless surrounded by blood or lots of sources of blood. Lucian also has a high mind mentality meaning that he choose whether or not the being is fit to be eaten which leads to him rarely eating other jesters only if he has too. He is the loner type refusing to stay in crowds because he feels that he will have to keep up the insane persona for a long time which he hates doing. Lucian is quite clever and perceptive, he analyses all of the options and events that could happen before rushing. Lucian is not a person with a dual personality but merely a sane person with a insane persona. He is extremely blunt this coming from his father Aries which leads him to sometimes talk without thinking.]

General Appearance
[His hair is deep dark black and straight, it using free flowing and ends at his waist, His eyes are a gold color and have slit irises. His face is clean and his skin is like that of a tanned roman solider. He is in shape and has s good looking figure but he has a scar across his left eye in a diagonal angle. His clothing is long black jeans with a metal stud belt with a capital A buckle. His shoes are black combat boots with steel spikes on the sole and and small pyramid studs on the outer part of the boots, they stop above his ankle. His Jacket has a fur lined collar and and has straps that stop at his chest. The jacket is leather and has a Capital purple J on the right side of his chest. The shirt he wears underneath has is jet black with the word Jester on his shirt in purple with green trimming of a graffiti design.

His mask is black with purple eye holes with purple like fangs on the side. He wears his gift from his father on a silver gunmetal chain that hangs from the belt. he has a concealed knife in his boots that is jagged and has a gun in a compartment on the left side of his jacket.His eyes are usually in a dark open look if they were trying to absorb all of the features in the room, He has cruel sneer and a jittery attitude when he assumes his insanity persona, but when he is alone his eyes are laid back and open sightly he walks calmly and talks smoothly, his voice deep while insane its fast and crazed. His mouth is usually in a sneer but when not acting his mouth usually neutral except for the tooth pick he keeps in his mouth. He usually has a book with him when not around other jokers and when around jokers, always holding his knife. ]

[FIghts, Blood, Girls, Late night, Power]

[Eating Jesters, The leader of the Jesters, and All hellions ]

[He believes that their is a god and hates his father and refuses to believe]

Place of Birth
[Omega IV]

[The late night was dark and oily the moon was high in the sky and his mother was with a man who had bronze skin and dark red eyes, the roses were blood red and the balcony was high above the ground his mother with her black hair and warm and strong eyes looked in those red eyes, her hands cupped in his. Aries the war god was with his love and he was telling her that he had to leave, and he might not return. Zeus shook the skys above as if he was yelling at his son to hurry up and get back up to Olympus. His mother mouth was turned up in snarl as his parent shared in embrace. Zeus continued to wait rocking the heavens with his rage, His mother looked up and yelled shut up to the clouds. Aries chuckled, Laughing and telling her that is why he loved her because she wasn't afraid of the lord of gods himself when it came to love. Hera and the other gods chuckled. Aphrodite had a tear and was pissed at Zeus for seperating the lovers but when the two lovers stepped back from one another, his mother turned her head and walked off. Aries disappeared in a large blinding crimson light toward the mountain of Olympus.

Nine months later....
A strong pregnant woman was at the hospital in omega four, her cries of agony rang through the hospital ward too bad for her an extinct race of beings the last survivor of the vampire race was headed to the blood bank. he was being chased by Hellions and he ran into the hospital, running through the hospital he headed toward the blood bank but instead of reaching the blood bank he saw an open door, it would just so happen that it would be the room of his mother. Aries watched with seething anger as Zeus had banned him from helping out his love and his child. Zeus watched with cruelty as the vampire descended on the nurse, the doctors were trying to run and the vampire attacked his mother but her strength was increase by the love of her child and will to not die. Yet her mortal body was to weak to fight and the vampire bit her neck just as Lucian came out, Hellions came in and shot the vampire killing him. They got a doctor to save Lucian, but right as they were beginning to take him his mother called to name him Lucian dying. Zeus smirk but Aries appeared and save his son from the taint of the vampire burning it away.

18 years later .....
Lucian ran from the foster home and he was in the fifteenth one, He had cause another riot and this time was worse than the last, he felt that things were worse for him. He always felt that things would get crazy and there was always a pack of raw meat that would missing and he would be blamed for it. He was fed up with them and he knew that if he continued to act sane he would be hunted for. As the night progress, a large man in a similar outfit appeared in front of him the same feeling he gave was on this man but much stronger. Aries looked at his son "Hello Lucian" Lucian took a step back, "How you know my name freak." Aries stpped forward, "Because I'm your father idiot, Now listen I know I didn't do right by you and your mom ." "Where were you when my mother needed you." Aries growled, " Your grandfather wouldn't allow me to see her, You are of a god ,you are being of power now take your power and become stronger than any of my children. You are part god ." Lucian fist were clenched he wanted to stomp his teeth in. Aries smiled "Good feed onto your hate and make sure that when the time comes you let no one get in your way." Aries pushed past his sun disappearing in crimson mist, Lucian growled andsoon after he met up with the jesters and became their bounty hunter and main killer. His young age was perfect but they saw him as crazy when He told him who he was but he would not let them phase him as he took on the persona of Insanity.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:48 am

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester   

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Lucian Vincent Crimson [Child of war and The Immortal]: Jester
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