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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis"

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PostSubject: Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis"   Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis" Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 12:36 am


Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis" 393px-Twelve_big

Account Name

Character Full Name


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]


Marital Status




Energy Manipulation

  • Nemesis has the ability to manipulate large quantities of pure energy which often appear to be purely white in appearance like him, this enables him to cause massive destruction by merely firing one of these beams at any object or person, often without any burning or freezing effect. This ability also enables him to absorb most kinds of energy as long as its not too much, in which his body will react by discharging it out of his arms, often causing dangerous explosions and collateral damage. He basically has the power of "pure destruction" as he calls it. He can use it to form a shield around himself, making projectile weapons useless against him when in use. He is currently figuring out ways to hone it and gain actual control as so far he hasnt found a form of energy he cant manipulate.

For as long as he can remember, he's had these powers, a fact that at first was frightening and soon grew into extreme arrogance before he accidentally in a fit of anger towards one of his siblings, explosed his power and blew up his entire house, killing his whole family and leaving him barely alive when the authorities came to see just what the heck happened. He awoke at first not even knowing what had happened, but after constant taunting from other juvie kids eventually set him off and he blew a group of them through a wall, killing 6 of them and destroying a large section of the prison, where he then escaped and went into hiding, silently going insane from the lack of control he had.

At the moment he's busy trying to hone his powers and make up for the devastating accidents he's caused, but the bloodlust in his heart is always looming over him but he uses it as an outlet on anyone he deems a criminal or just gives off a bad vibe, beating them and regularly blowing them up, making him notorious and extremely feared amongst most low level criminals and even police as abit of a vigilant killer. He is quite intelligent and usually knows when someones trying to enact some plan too use him and his "powers" but they've all ended up dead as well.

General Appearance
His body is completely bleached from the effect of his powers and he usually wears a pair of jeans and a baseball cap along with a pair of grey adidas sneakers to make his appearance abit less suspicious to outsiders. The one thing that does make him stand out besides his general demeanor and aura is his physical size, he stands at 7'6 and weighs around 355 lbs, giving him a large and powerful appearance on-top of his already dangerous aura he gives off. His real face looks like the image above and he has normal human looking feet instead.

His face used to look like any normal persons, but as his powers grew stronger it changed into the almost helmet like appearance it has now. His eyes are pitch black and his face usually has a neutral look on it unless he's hunting criminals or something. His body is well muscled and lean, a hard thing to achieve due to his height. When meeting with clients he will wear a peticoat and a fedora style hat along with dress pants and shoes while trying to conceal his face, since most people assume he's just some giant motorcycle rider.


  • Killing
  • Refining himself
  • Blowing things up


  • Hurting Innocent People
  • Criminals
  • Mis-trust

He doesn't have any type of religious beliefs but he does think there is a large creative force that shapes and influences certain events. His only belief is in making your own path.

Place of Birth
Moscow, Russia

Born in Moscow, Russia, Sambors family quickly left the country when he turned 5 years old for some unknown reason. He had three brothers, his grandparents, and his uncle all live in a pretty good sized 2 story house till the horrifying accident. As a child he had always shown the abilities, his father was guiding him on the road to perfect control. He had great relationships with his siblings and was an extremely happy and optimistic child who showed signs of anger problems on things he didnt find fair, a problem his parents found hard enough without him randomly blasting holes in the walls and furniture.

At a time when his powered were growing at an unstable rate, one of his brothers had done something to tick him off, and since Sambor had always managed to avoid harming any living beings before, they were completely shocked as an orb of pure energy surrounded his body before suddenly exploding, blowing his entire house apart, some pieces were found miles away and all that remained was a crater and his body, which wasn't harmed from the explosion but from the massive expenditure of energy.

He woke up in a hospital before going to court and charging him guilty and then making it worse by killing tens of boys and blowing off a huge wall in the prison, once again it was due to an emotional outburst and no harm was intended. He ran away and at first lived a life of just petty crime, trying to survive, before moving onto just preying on other criminals and succumbing to his dormant bloodlust, killing them outright for his twisted sense of right. He's now helping out the police and general citizenry in the more gruesome crimes were the suspect would've been killed anways.
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Lucian V. Crimson

Lucian V. Crimson

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approved 1/2

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PostSubject: Re: Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis"   Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis" Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 1:30 am

All paragraphs are 5-6 sentences. I will let you do the counting.
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PostSubject: Re: Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis"   Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis" Icon_minitime

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Sambor Karovsky "Nemesis"
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