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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Technique Guide

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PostSubject: Technique Guide   Technique Guide Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 12:34 pm


These are the heart and soul of any RP, and they certainly play a major role here. They contribute to the unique fighting style of each character, and can range from terribly simplistic, to incredibly complex and flamboyant in their effects.

Types of Techniques

There are three broad classes of techniques: Offensive, Defensive and Supportive.

  • ~Offensive – These include techniques that are used to directly or indirectly damage the enemy, whether they are melee or ranged. They can be unarmed, or use weaponry, both melee and ranged, and can also involve devil fruit abilities designed to harm.

  • ~Defensive – These include techniques that can protect you, whether directly or indirectly, from others’ attacks. They can also be used to prevent hits from landing, either by raising your own evasive capabilities or by lowering the opponent’s accuracy, or to soften the blow of attacks that do land.

  • ~Supportive – These are basically techniques that cannot be classified into either of the other two categories. They may affect the offensive or defensive potential of other techniques, but in themselves, are neither directly offensive nor defensive. They can affect the character’s own or someone else’s attacking/defending capabilities, by altering stats or otherwise, or do something entirely miscellaneous. These also cover things like buffs, debuffs and transformations.

Technique Points and Maximum Rank

Your character’s techniques are limited by the number of Technique Points (TP) they have. The number of TP is easily found by doubling the character’s fortune/magic score. The number of TP you have is how much you can spend on all your Techniques in total.

The cost of each technique is the same as its rank. More on ranks later, but the maximum rank of any technique is given by halving the character’s fortune score. The trait Technically Adept can also increase this.

If you do not wish to use up all your TP, you can save them. The Character Template has a section for Technique Points, where you put both your used and total TP numbers. E.g. 12/16 for a starting character who has three rank 4 techniques.

Technique Ranks

A technique’s rank basically determines its power and just what the technique is capable of. More complex, damaging techniques will obviously require a higher rank, and whilst damage can be influenced by stats, the rank of the technique will determine any additional effects the attack may have. In battle, typically the higher ranked technique will have the advantage. However, a one or two rank difference may not be that significant, and it is up to the players to make reasonable judgments on their part. Staff can be consulted if you feel that godmodding is taking place.

Here are some example guidelines that can help you rank your techniques, but note these are just guidelines, and the Character Moderators will let you know whether the rank is appropriate or not.

  • 1 - Baseline. Techniques at this point are little more than basic maneuvers that can be performed normally.
  • 4 - Techniques at this level are stronger than basic moves, but typically cannot accomplish superhuman feats.
  • 8 - At this rank, techniques begin to represent an attack or move that is not unrealistic but much more powerful than freeform. Examples would be melee attacks with an added effect (pushing the victim back, knocking someone down, spinning them, etc.) or stronger defensive techniques, such as specialized block or dodge techniques.
  • 14 - This is the rank of technique when abstract or superhuman feats begin to become possible. Techniques of this rank may accomplish things difficult for normal individuals to do, such as use melee attacks at range or perform moderate feats of superhuman nature. A good example is slight shockwave type techniques that would send a projectile, this is done by the simple force of ones attack.
  • 28 - Techniques at this level begin defying logic. Powerful melee-generated ranged attacks, feats of supernatural nature, spirit-generated illusions, etc. are possible at this level.
  • 40 - At this point or beyond, techniques can be extremely abstract and accomplish virtually anything that the character themselves is capable of doing.

[table border="1"]
[td][b]TECHNIQUE NAME[/b] (Rank number)
[u]Stats:[/u] [/td]
[td][u]Description:[/u] (Insert Description here) [/td]
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Technique Guide
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