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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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Hannibal Smith

Hannibal Smith

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PostSubject: One Engine    One Engine  Icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 3:44 am

Asher Hale

One Engine  Dante_by_anabigs-d47kbwv

Account Name
[Hannibal Smith]

Hale Asher, Prince



Sexual Preference

Relationship Status

[Male or Female]

How old are you?

What exactly is your character in the world: Criminal, Hellion, or Civilian

Medical EMT, Civilian
There isn't really a limit to this so long as its a typical one for example; a hellion member or gang member, high school student, doctor, mechanic, ect. (No High Position allowed as start off such as President of a company or leader of a major crime syndicate.)

Electricity. Instead of a bogus fire power or water power Asher can create and generate electricity from his body which he himself abuses in various ways. The techniques are often black lightning which match his tone but they could either come out red too if he is happy and what not. A prime example of the way his powers can be used is picturing someone pointing their fingers at you like they are shooting you. Well he can do that but actually shoot you with a lightning bullet. He does have a final Lightning mode which turns him into a lightning infused Human but its a 1shot deal and will drain his energy for the rest of the topic thus he doesn't use it much. These lightning powers can only reach 40,000 Volts and are at their peak with 46,000 Volts. The only area of effect attack Asher can do is a Electrical Discharge but besides that his powers come in blast or shots.

[Dear god. Asher he is one weird dude.. A handful nonetheless but still very weird. He is an avid joker who takes his pranks to far sometime on his friends and opponents thus landing himself in very bad situations at times. ANother thing that sets him apart from the world is his unique sense of human. He would make fun of his deceased grandmother if she was in her casket infront of him. His philosophy on sex is not like that of others. He feels no pain no gain. YES I said it. If you aren't feeling some weird sensations when your fucking then you ain't doing it right hence you might get slapped by Asher or some nigga named Bobby. The only thing he does take serious his his siblings who he loved dearly and would give the world for them.

This nigga Asher also loves to eat. He eats like a fucking behemoth and gains like no way. That could be explained by his workout regiment that consist of him not eating any meat at all. Yep thats right folks. Asher is a vegan. Stopped eating meat at the age of 10 but anyway more on that later. While in battle Asher will not pick and choose his battles. He either starts them or finishes them or sometimes both all together. Its just the way he is. His brash rowdy mouth sometimes leads others to think of him as outspoken but to Asher its just some shits and giggles. Now back to the vegan thing. Asher has a huge love of animals and doesn't feel consuming them is right and couldn't tell the difference from the cow he was eating to the cow he was petting at barn thus ending his meat eating. Seeing how Asher is neutral to all parties he sometimes finds himself teaming up with various people just to keep from boredom. Asher is really into helping kill people because it pays good and you know damn well ITS ALL ABOUT A DAMN DOLLA for him.

Asher is sometimes a loner and likes to do things on his own but had no problem teaming up to get the job done. Most of the time when hes alone he is reading poetry or a new novel. He also loves to sing 90's rock music and play guitar. That is when hes alone atleast. As said above when around friends Asher is a troll. Hes constantly pranking others and making them feel right at home. Even tho he is a loner he still has no problem making his friends feel like they are his family... When he is with someone on a job he will consider them his ally and tries to make little jokes here and there to make the mission go by faster but he will not save them if they fuck up during battle or something. When around Hellions Asher is commonly aggressive towards them and isn't what he normally is to his friends. When around his enemies Asher is just straight up cold and makes them question their very existence. When around Civilians he is just your average joe. He blends in with the crowd but at work hes the life of the party.

General Appearance
Yes yes Asher is a very tall man. Standing at an abruptly 6 foot tall height. He is pretty darn fit for someone his size coming in at 201LB. He has a small jawline and very slim face. On his back he has a giant art tattoo of a snake coming up and reaching his neck which looks like its biting him. On his right shoulder he has a Samoan tattoo which spans from his shoulder to neck and connecting around the snake tattoo. On his right peck he has a tattoo of the anarchy symbol. Yes homie don't play that. On his right hand he has a tattoo of an eye set on fire coming up around his wrist as if it is consuming him. On his left arm he has a tattoo around his entire arm of a chain rapped in what appears to be water in bubbles releasing itself. On his left hand he has the same eye tattoo but this time in water. I didn't mention his left arm is mechanical and that happened in a injury but you wouldn't know that unless Asher told you because its covered is a skin substitute which looks real.

His attire consists of a black 3/4 length leather hooded jacket with red interior linings and the British Union flag sewn on the left arm. He wears a white H&M v-neck t-shirt. Black metal fingerless MMA gloves. He has his black faded true religion jeans on all the time because they are his favorite jeans ever. He does wear matching black polo boots with a military like feel to them. And two necklaces and one chain with a mockingjay pin on it and another chain with a anarchy engraved circle on it which opens up and reveals a picture of Ashers younger brother and sister who were killed. On the inside of his coat one each side he has his matching Colt Anaconda revolvers.

1. Joking
2. Fighting
3. Training

1. Bullies
2. Haters
3. People who outprank him


Place of Birth
Ragnarok City

Asher was born into a family of hard workers. Both his parents were cops and he was their first born. He was raised with a father who had a joking demeanor just like his but he would only show it already his family and close friends. His mother was very stern but caring at the same time. Her fun was awkward but provided for some good fun all in the end. His parents were basically perfect. His childhood was peaceful until his mother announced her pregnancy on Ashers 8th birthday. The little boy felt his life was over because quite frankly he had no clue what the fuck this meant for him nor his family?About a 7 months passed and the parents finally gave in. They decided it was time to know what they were having.. It turned out to be twins. Yep thats right the couple would be having twins.. That brings the household to a total of 5. Dear mother of jesus the turns life make out of nowhere hmm?

Anyway Jessica and Blake knew this meant they would have to upgrade to a bigger home so they did this and stayed in Ragnarok city but in a much bigger home. Ironically Jessica went into labor on the new rug of their home. Thats one weird way to break in your apartment. Anyway Now she would be there for about 14 hours with her husband and son who helped her give birth. First came out the little girl who would be named Kyla and then the little boy who would be named Randy. Wow that was it. The family was complete. Jessica,Blake,Randy,Kyla, and Asher. Such a complete family and such a short amount of time. Now in their new home the family would try and make the best of it. This would be the start of nothing new.

Anyway about 4 years passed and now Asher was 13 and his baby siblings were 3 going on 4. The two had made themselves acustom to annoying their older brother but Asher couldn't help the fact he loved them dearly. His baby siblings were his life at this point and he wanted the world to know it. Now with Asher in school he was an A+ student getting great grades before he was scouted by a man who said he could teach Asher the way of a marksmen. Wether it be gun or bow and arrow Asher was going to find himself learning about Accuracy. BOOM BOOM POW. The dynamic was certainly going to change. Now Asher could get into the profession his parents loved oh so much. The training would take two years tho. Asher had no problem leaving for that time.

Now with Asher being 15 he has returned on his birthday and saw his siblings who were now 6. They had both grown so much. They had their dark hair and started to look just like their mother and father. Dear god Asher missed this for two years? Now he felt sorry for leaving his family but it was all in good fortune. His father had gotten a new promotion and his mother quit. Yep thats right she was a stay at home mom now. Shit changes quick in society. Asher knew soon he could become an officer like his parents but first he had to keep training. He was now a skilled marksmen thanks to his training by a mystery man. But he still lacked skill in other areas. But that would change because his parents through it was best to send Asher away again to a archery camp. He would spend two months there but before he left he said his goodbyes to his baby brother and sister.

While at Camp Asher had gotten news that his family was killed.... His brother sister mother and father. All had been slaughtered by someone who had a vandetta against his family. Clearly Asher wanted revenge but how would he do that? He sought out the man that had trained him. Now he would train with this man for the rest of his underage life. Here he would develop his talents and learn about his lightning abilities and learn how to master these skills and use them in every day life. So soon he could avenge his family. After doing much time as an assassin for hire Asher had made himself a commonly known man for taking out people of both good and bad nature and only doing this to further his own agenda.

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