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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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Accelerator  25136-to-aru-majutsu-no-index-accelerator.b30e7456c4aacfcf9f20cf0285c3bf68

Account Name

Character Full Name
Accelerator, it is the government's codename for him, he never knew his real name, so that's what he presumes it is (His real name is Kazimir Gennadiy)


[Only famous or characters who hold rank IC. This is only earned IC so all new application leave this blank. Unless stated otherwise]

Heterosexual, but good luck getting him to fall in love.

Marital Status



He is a civilian and completely neutral

He doesn't have a job, but I suppose it'd be "Orphan", as he doesn't have parents and he lives in an abandoned concrete house.

Psionic powers, this means he can use Telekinesis to manipulate objects (Push, pull, crush, twist, etc.).
For the movement to happen. (Example: If he wants to throw something, he'll need to make a throwing motion.) If Accelerator throws a punch or a kick, using the pushing aspect of Telekinesis, it becomes absolutely devastating in terms of damage.
It's not often that he uses his powers, as he wants to keep a low profile, as the government are still looking for him.

Accelerator can use this ability to devastating effects, like pulling walls out of houses, kicking objects and sending them through the air at an godly amount of velocity, or knock down walls by pushing against them with Telekinetic force, the Telekinesis can also be used to propel himself, and strengthen his physical attacks, allowing him to float and make his hand to hand combat attacks deadly.

Accelerator is a child who was raised without parents, so he has never felt any form of warmth or comfort, this is very well reflected in his personality, as he has no warmth, and no pity for anyone who gets in his way, he doesn't posess the emotion of love, and is very rarely happy, when he was a child, society rejected him in part for his appearance, and in part for being a high level psychic, so he was always alone, not knowing what being liked felt like, let alone what love was, so the thought of having friends is new to him, He lies the idea of having someone who would accept him.

The only time where actual pity can be shown, is if someone is in grave danger, or if he swears an oath to a friend.
Making friends with Accelerator is incredibly difficult however, as he doesn't believe in trust, only in power, and he cannot protect his allies without killing them, knowing full well that he has chosen a life of darkness, but the dark side of him strives for light, and he doesn't like killing people, but he thinks that's the only thing he can do to protect those he loves, he always acts sadistic and manic during fights to try and scare off the opponent, as he doesn't want to kill them.

General Appearance
Accelerator is an albino like male about five foot nine in height, weighing in at about fifty kilograms, the reason for his albino appearance is due to the fact that a psionic's body rejects unnecessary ultraviolet rays, meaning that the skin doesn't produce menalin, leaving the body pale, his extremely thin appearance is mostly due to the fact that he doesn't eat very often.

He usually wears a pair of white jeans with white sneakers, along with a white coat with a fur collar.
He has a few scars on his scalp from all of the experiments performed on him, they are basically invisible through his hair.
He keeps a belt of tomahawks hidden underneath his coat, using his psychic powers to hurtle them through the air at immense speeds.
If the weather is far hotter, he normally wears a white and black striped shirt with gray jeans and black sneakers, but he usually wears the former.

The choker around his neck is simply a small hard drive, it basically acts as an emergency storage for computer files and other such things.

Energy Drinks
Good food

Special Operations groups
Anyone who hurts those he tries to protect


Place of Birth
Vladivostok, Russia

Accelerator was born from a Russian family in the city of Vladivostok, with his mother and father, Accelerator was a very unusual child, as he was born with red eyes and white hair, a trait which none of his family members shared, the reason for this? Accelerator's ancestor was a famous Psionic, Claiming the rank of a level 6 Psionic, the highest possible rank, it appeared that his genes were passed down all the way to Accelerator himself. Apon the news that a new Psionic was put on the planet, this caused quite a stir, and people even sent hitmen to kill him as a newborn, and his parents simply couldn't keep him in their care because of this, so they gave him to the government of Ragnarok, but little did they know, their child was going to be experimented on, to create the new level 6 Psionic, they began by wiping Accelerator's memory.

At school he was rejected by society, all Accelerator ever wanted was a family, as in the hands of the government, he simply slept in a padded cell, restrained, he just wanted some form of wamrth, but because of his powers, he was always left out, and every time pupils began to bully him, they always got hurt by his kinetic field, the students eventually learned to just leave him alone, even teachers never approached him, the feeling of losing your parents and knowing that no-one would ever be there for you began to grow on him, and as technology advanced, the more experiments they wanted to perform on him, Accelerator lost the plot at the age of 14, and broke his way out of the laboratory, slaughtering all the employees and taking refuge in an abandoned, delapidated concrete house.

His only hope is that the government don't find them, and when they do, Accelerator is always obliged to kill them, the sheer hatred for the government wanting to experiment on him simply made him merciless towards anyone who got in his way, or tried to capture him, this is reflected by his serious trust issues, hence the fact that he only believes in power, not wanting to be part of any group, this makes him completely neutral.

He still thrives for some form of family, or a friend, as the feeling of eternal lonliness grows more and more unbearable for him every day.

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I know you have a picture

But please do apperance

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Approved 1/2
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