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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 劣情 Retsujou

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PostSubject: 劣情 Retsujou   劣情 Retsujou Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 6:12 pm

劣情 Retsujou///

劣情 Retsujou 14y5pgj

Account Name

Character Full Name
[Retsujou: The name itself means 'Carnal Desire', which came upon her before she was on her own. She was suppose to be something of purity. Like a angle in terms. However as her history explains that didn't go so well. She had submitted to lust itself and has become almost an embodiment of the sin. Though, before these events her previous name was Setsubou 切望 which meant 'Earnest Desire' in the hopes of the experiment going smoothly.]

[ Like most nicknames Retsujou is usually called 'Retsu' for a nickname, this is simply the famous shorter version of her name for people who enjoy taking short cuts or are simply just to lazy to pronounce her name fully. A even shorter version of her name that she is called by is simply 'Tsu'.]


[Strait as a rainbow arrow]

Marital Status


[Retsujou doesn't know her age or birthday, though she appears to be quite young.]


[Tracker/Sniper: Retsujou knows her way around guns, perferably high powered sniper rifles. Though her occupation lays more around in tracking people such as those who have gone missing. Her love for guns and tracking sometimes combines into assassinations. Though that comes at a price.]

[Bodily fortification: Through years of experimentation that would become labeled as a failure Retsujou attained human like traits. This all lays within physical attributions such as greatly enhanced strength, speed, agility, dexterity, durability, stamina ect. However all subjects like her had attained this. What separated her from the others were two different things. First attribution is her ability to heal faster then a normal human. Her cell division rate is 50x faster, allowing lengthy healing processes to only take a matter of days.The other attribute and her main one at that is involving her eyes. Other subjects called them the eyes of a dragon. They have perfect vision which can even see farther then normal humans. for example she would be able to snipe someone with out the use of a scope provided the distance isn't extremely far away. They also allow her to see within the dark and sometimes even heat vision or the aura of a person (can only be activated for a limited time). If she also knows a person or sees a picture them she can pick them out of a crowd in a matter of minutes (think eagle vision from Assassins creed)]

[Retsujou can be called spontaneous simply because she tends to do things when she feels like it. Without much planning or thinking ahead. However when it comes to more serious situations, she will get down and think of a plan thoroughly and carefully. But while in more casual situations she will act upon her instincts or sudden impulses, natural unconstrained and unplanned. She can go into a place with one intention then have it suddenly shift to something else.

Sometimes Retsujou can get distracted easily which can influence her change of plans. Even though she can be spontaneous Retsujou is mature enough to understand what situations need attention and planning. She knows better then to rush into something that ma be dangerous. At first Retsujou will come off as kind and caring. Her sweet appearance influences this first impression. She feels no need to be foul to those whom she has just met and will tend to be cheerful and inviting, unless she goes into her other side. Sometimes when Retsujou is pissed off or irritated she will lash out in a rather comical manner, she is also not afraid to swear or curse. Sometimes she even shows her affection a bit...Roughly.

Retsujou is a girl, and girls tend to get jealous easily. When Retsujou gets jealous her bubbly mood can easily turn sour. Though she never gets jealous of physical beauty. After all she is quite the looker herself in which other woman get jealous of her. On top of that Retsujou is comfortable enough with her body that she could end up running around naked and not give a damn in the world. The thing that makes Retsujou jealous is when she doesn't receive attention from the one she wants. for example, if she likes a guy and he's off sweet talking to another woman that would make Retsujou jealous and turn her mood into a sour one. Most likely she would go and steal the attention back.]

[Some could say Retsujou suffers from multiple personality disorder. This could also result from teh experiments that were conducted on her, because of this Retsujou was labled a failure. Retsujou may be sweet and sincere but deep inside when no one's around she holds a secret sadistic nature. When the sent of blood lingers in her nose, while its still fresh and warm a tingle goes through her veins, an alluring sensation. There is just something about the sent of blood, someones or even her own just flicks the light switch on. This doesn't send her in a state of rage or desire to kill, it simply sends her into a sadistic state of enjoyment with that charming smile plastered on her face. She can chuckle at dismemberment and be un-phased by mutilation and other inhuman deeds. Who knew that such a dark enjoyment rested within her.

Retsujou can find pleasure from pain. Even though she tries to hide it sometimes fights can seem pleasurable in a sense. She would have fantasies of Domination, whether being dominated or dominating someone else. She doesnt believes she is sick for thinking such things however she cannot ignore it. When ever she's enjoying combat or other situations her breathing will become raspy and heavy, her heart racing and her cheeks flushed. Her words can stutter as she speaks as well. If it comes to a time where Retsujou feels as if she should hide her shame and try to cover up her masochism she would most likely respond with foul language that she would barely use casually. This being because at times she thinks from pain should come anger, not pleasure. What better way to show your angry then throwing out some foul language? She gets tempted by the feel of any pleasure which can lead her further down the road of lust. When Retsujou goes into this state her eyes are seen with slits for pupils and the hue changes to a golden color.]

General Appearance
[Retsujou to say the least is one heck of a looker. The fact that her name itself means 'Carnal Desire' only fits with her appearance. Lets start from the top. Retsujou has a more rounder face shape to her. Her eyes are bright and expressive, framed with a dark lashline and long dark eye lashes. Her eyes are a unusual violet color, though despite the odd coloration they seem rather cativating. She wears minimal makeup, only a red-violet color eyeshadow is dusted on her eyes along with some liner and mascara. She has a cute button nose to her and her lips have a natural rosyness to them, so theres no need for lipstick. Her teeth are almost perfect, white strait and pearly. the only thing is that she has the addition of two canine like fangs to her. Though not many seem to take to much notice to this.

Her hair is long and layered. Primarily a crimson color. though there are traces of dark blonde within the strands of her hair along her long, sideswept bangs. Her hair comes down to reach to right above her waist. Two sections are decored with black and white clips which hold them in place. Half of her remaining hair is tied half up, held in place with a decorative bow-like clip in which the hair wraps around the middle, leaving two sections of the remaining tied back hair falling down in slight waves. Retsujou also has a hair clip clipped in over her left eye, which separates her bangs a bit.

Retsujou has soft smooth skin, which has the absence of freckles, blemishes or acne in general. It is a soft ivory color with a bit of natural rosiness to it. she has a barcode tattoo on the back of her neck however. Lets move down now. Retsujou is 5'5'' in height, she's not overly tall nor short. She has a medium bone frame to her with arms holding tight muscles and a curvy body that would make any woman jealous. Retsujou has a chest that is noticably large. Though she finds them a hassle and doesn't really know why they have to be as large as they are. Moving down on her hourglass shape her waist comes to dip in and then sway back out into curvy hips. She has a toned, full round bottom to her with rather shapely thighs packed with strong muscles gained from running. Her legs arequite bare due to her attire. There is also a bullet wound scar on her right thigh

Retsujou wears a pink dress with a few verticle lines running down along the fabric. This covers her arms extends down to cover her bottom. A crimson trim surrounds the bottom of the hem, the cuffs of the sleaves and around teh shoulder in a sailor like style with white dashed details. Around her arms are light reddish brown braces. The dress has a V-neck line wihch shows off some of her cleavage. On her shins are a pair of matching light brown bracers overtop of her white and crimson colored boots. She wears a pair of white panties under her dress which are usually flashed when she fights or runs. Though she could care less. When Retsujou is suited up she has thick white rope wrapped around each leg where she has her one katana's sheath attatched to while the holster of a sniper rifle is attatched to the other. Ammunition is held on the cylinder pack tied to her back.]


[Playing Hide and Seek]
[Flooring/Tackling Asher]
[Playing Pranks]
[Long hot baths]

[The Heat]
[Being called 'woman']
[Boring People]
[Things coming near her eyes]


Place of Birth
[Ragnarok City]

[There is no city without sin. Retsujou began as a girl with a name she doesn't remember. At a young age she was on the streets, alone with a drug addicted mother who soon came to abandon her because Retsujou was nothing but another expense to her mother. Her father gone with another woman. Cold, dirty and alone. She was a blonde haired child no more then the age of seven when it all began or at least she thought she was seven.

Everything from beforethe blackness is a absence to Retsujou, her name, and her life before then was a mere blur before it faded away into non-existance. All she remembered was that it began with black. She did not remember that the young girl that she was at the time was pulled from the streets and brought deep within the labratory where she would be rebirthed in the hopes of somethign pure and just...

It was a fuzz to her. Though she remembered the pain of the branding on the back of her neck and the pain from the injections that were given to her every second day. she recieved injections of unknown substances in her muscle tissue and even her eyes. The once bright blue eyes had began to change into a violet color and her golden hair started to change to red, yet some strands still retained their golden hue here and there. The thing about her eyes, They almost seemed to glow. These people who kept her named her Setsubou, which meant 'earnest desire'. These people were researchers of the Hellion. It was a undergrown experiment that would soon be labeled as a failure. Children were pulled off the streets in small numbers for this. Many of them, mostly the males; were taken in to grow up in a life of training and practicing of perserving justice. For them it would be salvation no? It was different for the girls, or those who seemed weaker.

The Hellion wished to create more soilders or turn the weaker children into something useful and more powerful rather then leave them as scraps of meat on the streets for all the predators out there. It turned into a biological experiment. Setsubou was one of these children. It began with injections to increase strength, flexibility, lung capacity, speed, durability, cell division and accuracy. Though it seemed as if every week these injections had modifications to furth fornicate the children. Some children couldn't take the injections, some had bodies which were far to weak to handle them. Then in teh next experiment many more passed away. The ones who survived were kept, wearing pure white suits to resemble purity. They were indulged in keeping virtues and staying away from anything sinful that could corrupt them. Many could call this salvation for the souls while others could call it brainwashing them into 'eliminating all who were not pure'.

Now there was a new injection to completely add somethign new and alter these children. the addition of a new pair of chromozones. Only a handful of children had adopted these new chromozones succussfully. Setsubou was one of them. There were hopes within this darkness. The children would adopt superhuman traits. Sences were enhancedand bodies were stronger. Though with the addition of the extra pair of chromozones they were technically a new species of human and could not reproduce with humans only containing 23 pairs of chromozones. Setsubou and the others still recieved the injections, though with time, with each injection the pain began to numb and over time it was replaced with...a sence of pleasure.

Setsubou, the earnest desire, was the one survivor to recive further injections in her eyes. Its nerve racking having somethign sharp coming to your eyes monthly. Hence why she had developed a deep hatred to anythign coming near her eyes. Though time passed bye and setsubou was approachign her 20th year of age. Things were starting to come to a downhill. Setsubou had achieved superhuman strength, agility, speed, accuracy, cell division, durability and reflexes. On top of that her body heat permanently increased, giving her a deep dislike to the heat in general. [hence why shes likes to wear little clothing] However her main enhancement laid within her eyes. the other subjects who were now adults with her called her 'Dragon eyed Setsubou' Her accuracy and sence of sight were enhanced greatly and allowed her to see things which no others could see. She was trained to use her eyes as a advantage and she could find anything she looked for. Becoming a sucessful tracker and sniper.

Though now would be the time to say that these experiments didn't go without loss, flaws and side effects. The downfall of the experiemtns was not in their physical appearance but rather their mental state. Which was begining to crumble in all of the experiments, including Setsubou. Insanity set into many of the subjects until they began to lash out. The concept of keeping the purity and making a pure new enhanced human race was sent flying out the window. The subjects came to be considered failures, because even at such a young age and after all the attempts to keep them just, they were unable to be kept pure. Their hopes would have to be looked at through another angle which would lead into more biological experimentation such as synthetic life. One by one these failed experiments were being put to their rest before their mental state crumbled entirely. Ones that started Showing signs of a deteriorating mental state were put into a black body suit instead of the white one, signifying that they were on deaths row.At this point Retsujou had developed a dual personality. One which seemed to be that of a child, bubbly, cute and carefree. The other side of her became more dark, sadistic and lustful. It was around this time when she earned the name Retsujou, Carnal Desire... She received a black suit.

What would you do if you and others like you were being sent to death? Do you wait for the embrace of death or do you fight for your life?
The answer was obvious. They were going to fight. The fact that they were classified as super humans meant that they managed to break out with the aid of another who's specialty revolved around his strength. They grabbed their weapons and prepared to run with the objective of getting out with the least amount of casualties. The more deaths would mean the more they would be sought after for betrayal. Though the Hellion were the ones betraying them no? They were classified as failures because of the lack of holding their mental state. It was their only downfall. The innocent had fallen into the sinful...

Retsujou was a part of the escape. She managed to leave with her pack of ammunition a katana and her sniper rifle, all taken from teh training room's supply. The building was on red alert. They had to move fast. Retsujou bared her Katana and rushed with the others, they had to break out. It was safe to say that they all sustained injuries and some didn't make it out, only a few actually managed to escape from the building. Retsujou used her sight to guide the others with her Once they were out they all split up. Gunshots were being heard as snipers from the Hellion fired after the subjects, screams were heard but Retsujou kept moving. Hesitate and she would die. Soldiers were dispatched after them. Retsujou made it on top of a four story building by hoping from rooftop to roof top, BANG. Mid jump a bullet collided and pierced through her right thigh, this threw her off and her body collided against the roof of the building she had jumped to and rolled off, falling three stories down to the ground. she was considered dead to the Hellion.

THUMP! Her body fell into a pile of empty cardboard boxes near a wondering man. The fall would have killed any other person but there were signs of life within Retsujou yet, her durability saved her life, but just barely. The man nearby came to examine her, unconscious and her hand slightly twitching. What would be the odds that this man was a medical EMT who rushed her to a hospital and literally saved her life. Though through examination he would come to see that she was not a normal human, the presence of a extra pair of chromozones, the possibility of surviving such a fall. Though the outstanding thing was that Retsujou's recovery rate was heightened due to the increased cell division. Within a matter of days she recovered and came to wake up to the face of the man that saved her and explained what happened. This man was Asher Hale. Though when what was asked on what happened that night Retsujou couldn't remember. Actually she didn't know a lot of things. Though she still retained some ability to use her weapons. Though it seemed a lot of common sence was lost within her, making her seem completely adorable. Its simply her mental state taking a harder turn after the fall of such a height. Her memories of being in the Hellion are lost. The only time she retains them is when she goes into her more darker side which is described to be 'badass'. Her other personality is almost the polar opposite of how she acts today. To say the least Retsujou developed affection for the man who saved her that she would come to clearly show in the future. It would be the first time she had developed affection for anyone in such a way. The hellion have yet to discover she's still alive. However she came to disappear for a year, in which she had found herself new clothes, jobs and a sense of belonging within the world, Being a year older now Retsujou is returning to Regnarok city, and she knows the first person she's gonna see... Her full potential on her abilities to wield her blade and gun comes out when she goes into her second personality, usually the sent of blood or adrenaline during a battle will trigger this.]
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bump! I'm done!
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Approve, Little dragon-lady AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHH 1/2

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Not only do i approve this I also nominate this as the best Character app so far. great work Ret...really great work.
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wow thank you o-o
I thought i went a bit overboard with my history xD

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劣情 Retsujou
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