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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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PostSubject: Logitech [WIP]   Logitech [WIP] Icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 9:24 pm

Michael 'Logitech' Patterson

Logitech [WIP] (Insert Image Url here)

Account Name

Character Full Name
Michael Gordon Patterson.

Logitech or Logi



Marital Status





Michael is a Technopath, which allows him to control machinery with his mind, either with our or without Physical contact. Naturally, when he his physically touching an mechanical object, his control is stronger. His ability to control computers or phones changes often, due to his inability to command his control demand. One day he can easily bypass an 8-Bit security firewall, via Brute forcing it in seconds, some days he will have to rely on his actual hacking skills.

He also uses cheap mobile phones as mobile hacking device that amplifies his wireless hacking abilities, for when he simply to far away from his hacking target. While the outcome is hardly perfect, it allows him a larger range to hack for when he dose take those steps outside.

His favourable way of destroying an Enemy system, when that is his mission of course, or when he is bored. Is to create a 'logic bomb', as it's name imply's the 'bomb' is used to disabled a Computer system with a set amount of questions or tasks that the computer is incapable of doing, or if it can it uses a simple game of 'Tic Tac Toe' and orders the computer to win, against it's self. Obviously the Computer will lose, and will be disabled in some manner.

One bad side-effect of his ability to control pretty much anything electrical, means he can easily destroy the object he is hacking, by sending to surge signals to it, he has habit of doing this, when he is under pressure.

[Michael is very anti-Social, and would much rather be left alone in his own little 'crazy' world. But his skills means, he is contracted often, Plus his love for money doesn't help. His contacts generally use this to there advantage. Michael is aware of this 'weakness' but dismisses it as mad ramblings. to those who ask about it. and refuses to actually accept it as a weakness or accept that it true. Michaels is as loyal as the money is running. Which means he'd drop a contact in a heart beat if the money ran dry, and would probably rob a small time bank, or someone equally profitable to 'make-up' for his loss.

If anyone where to give Michael a Psychological Review, they'd find he was quite literately mad. He believes he is 'Logitech' his online persona, and Michael dose not exist. Because He goes out of his way to not being found, people don't know who Michael is, and all they know is 'Logitech' which only furthers his own belief he is Logitech. While Michael has never actually personally killed someone, he has been responsible for the deaths of those killed in hacks that cause thing to blow up, or crash.]

General Appearance
[What does your character look like. Provide details on physical appearance as well as clothing/armour, Provide at least two paragraphs.]

  • The Female Body, he likes it so much, that when people contact 'Logitech' they are confronted by a rather seductive female. This is largely attributed to his Addiction to porn.
  • Money, Michael loves money with a passion, thou he is aware of his limitations and never steals to much, something he wishes he could bypass, but he knows he can't.
  • Himself, Michael believes himself to be a god.

  • Annoying People, Michaels hates anyone who annoys him, mainly those who think there better than everyone else.Or simply those who are arrogant of others ... like himself.
  • Guns, for some reason. Even thou Michael is a avid Online Gamer, he hates guns in real life, even thou he actually owns one for when 'things go down south'
  • Social Interaction, pretty much anything to do with talking to people, unless done online is horrible to him, and should be avoided like the plague.

Michael believes in no-one, and even believes himself to be a god, and everyone is 'under-him'.

Place of Birth

Michael was born in Bedlam, in the slums of the ... slums. Where the smallest of the small live.His father walked out of the family, when he was a mere two months old, and his mother rarely cared for him. So he pretty much cared for himself, while his mother filled herself with drug after drugs, then some more drugs. It surprised him the amount of drugs she took. that she was still standing. It wasn't long before she took a over-dose and died. the Neighbours took Michael in they had more luck in the money, in that they could afford, one male a day, for everyone, and even a TV.

Michael found out he first had his powers, when he turned on the Tv, from across the room. Thou at first his peers thou he was playing a joke with them, but they realized they only had one remote for the TV, and one of them was holding it. They immediately abused this power. They dragged him to a ATM, and told him to make it give out money. Sadly for Michael it didn't work, and he went home with quite a pain.

For a week, they took him to the same ATM< and forced him to get it give him money, if he failed, they would punish him. Again it didn't work, and the family decided to throw him out to the wild, Literately. On his own, and alone in the darkness that is Badlam, he was quickly robbed for everything he had, which at the time was only clothes.

He walked around the neighbourhood for days, before he returned to the place that give him pain the ATM. He placed his hand on it, closed his eyes, and simply 'asked' it to give him money. In which it did, it threw out money like never before, in mere seconds there must of been hundreds of notes on the floor. In mere seconds later ... it was all gone. No one had seen him do it, so no one decided to nab him.

Which was kind of wrong, as someone did see him do it. A man called called 'Joyce' saw him do it, at first he believed Michael had simply hacked it with some device. Not that he had some kind of power. Joyce didn't kidnap Michael, instead he simply watched him, and made things play out the way he wanted, like planting food where he knew Michael would find it. In a way Joyce was louring Michael somewhere.

Not even Joyce knew where he was taking the kid. Before Joyce could finally meet Michael, he was killed in a mugging. Which has been orchestrated by a local Mob boss. Who exactly what Michaels abilities were, mainly because his gang was composes of Technopaths who did his biding.

Michael served in the gang, till he was Six-teen years of age. When after to many years of being the 'small' guy in the gang, he had most of the gang killed in a false mission to take out a rival. The gang knew, Michaels skills were the most powerful in the gang. And when he told them he'd disabled some of there security systems on a hostile hand leaving them vulnerable, they took his word for it. Which got them killed.

He then hacked the accounts of the gang, taking all they money, and there assets. With this he went on the run. With his money, and assets he didn't know what to do, he was after all, only Six-teen and he was still in Bedlam .... So he got mugged and lost everything. literately minutes after stealing from his own gang. Funnily enough a couple of seconds later his mugger was killed, so Michael looted his stuff back.

He decided to hide out in an old warehouse, which he had found on one mission sometime ago. He knew no one would find him here, this was on the other side of Bedlam, the gang would never cross over into the other gangs turf, to scared to. When he was setting up shop in the warehouse, he came across an [i]old
computer. After setting it up, he noticed there was no power for it, so he decided to try some thing, he touched it, and it came to life.

Apparently being powered by Michael's touch. He then started to use the computer, it was quite surprised the thing even worked, it's internals must of been mush. He didn't bother to luck, when ever he opened up a computer, he broke them. Another thing he noticed was the Computer had the ability to connect online. At the time he was unaware it was his own power allowing him to connect.

He used the computer to sell his assets, which were nothing more than cars, and slum houses, this give him an few extra hundred to spend, using the money he just earned, he bought himself the actual warehouse he called 'home' then hacked into the site, to get his money back. Then for some reason his ordered ten pots of black paint. Which he never used when they arrived.

After a few days, he came to the realization that he couldn't survive like this. Especially since people wanted to kill him. He needed to get out of Bedlam, but he was only Six-teen, there was no way he could. Not without raising flags. Then he remembered back to his childhood, the man who followed him, he wasn't sure as to why he remembered this at the time. But he did, and he felt like he wanted to know why.

So, almost uncontrollably he set out for other side of Bedlam, back to his old gangs turf, who probably wanted to kill him. But this will was too strong to resits, so he went there. When he finally came to his senses he was back at where it all began the ATM.[*]
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