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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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PostSubject: Before the Show   Before the Show Icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 12:52 am

Dominic would drive some ways to the capital, Ragnarok City. Why? Well this would become a routine thing before any show because of the mall. He had developed a slight habit of coming here for a little last minute browsing for items and props he may want to use. Well not every show but the big ones. His next show was a big show because he had been invited to perform somewhere in Omega, a very popular city and filled with people with money to spend. This could be a big break for him in establishing more renown to his name.

Dominic would park his black jeep in the front of the lot of the mall. He had more than enough time to spend here and make it to Omega for his show, since it would be late at night. HIs drive here was roughly 2 hours meaning it was almost 5pm. Why he chose to commute so much he did not know. Maybe he should look into moving here instead, however with it being the city capital and all, it was a bit crowded for his tastes.

Dom made sure his jeep was locked before heading into the busy mall. The kids and teens were out of school now, so it was many of them around. Looking at them, Dom felt somewhat envious of their simple lives. His childhood was nothing like that. Or at least that's what he's been saying to himself for most of the year. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not, depending on his mood.

Dom headed to a little joke shop to see what they had for sale. As he browsed for about an hour, he realized nothing there was worth getting for this upcoming show. Looked like it would be another card trick filled night. Dom would promptly leave after wasting his time here.

As he headed back to his jeep, Dom noticed a group of shady individuals standing near it. His eyes narrowed as he observed the group of 5 men of an age near 35 perhaps. Why were they just huddle near his vehicle?

"Hey, this your ride? It's pretty nice, I always wanted a truck like this. What year is it?" one man would ask as Dom had approached the vehicle.

"I don't remember. Excuse me." he would say bluntly as he approached the driver's door and a man standing near it.

The man would put a hand up, pushing Dom's chest to prevent him from getting closer. Dom had a feeling this was where things were headed and he really did not have the time to get into it with these people.

"Why are you in such a hurry man, no need to be rude. We're just admiring your ride. In fact, to make up for your rudeness I think you should give it to us. It would only be right." the man would say. Dom would assume this one was the leader of the group since he talked the most and the others just nodded and smiled.

"Fine, take it." Dom would agree, holding the keys to the guy to his left that asked for them. By the looks of it, the group of men had surrounded him. One in front of him, one to his left, one to his right, one behind, and one a little out of the circle.

"Heh, see. Now we don't feel as bad anymore, thanks for being such a good guy." the leader would say, reaching a hand up for the keys. A grin on his face as he looked at Dom.

"What are you? Stupid?" Dom would ask as he looked into the man's face with narrowed eyes. Pulling the keys back from the man's reach.

The man had a baffled look at first. "Huh?" he would say before he would simply stop moving with his hand still up in the air, frozen so it appeared. The man was simply shocked at Dom's sudden change in response.

At that moment Dom would throw and elbow swiftly to the face of the guy behind him, hitting in the nose, which would causing him stumble back. The guy in front of him would grab Dom by the shirt and begin to push him back, while at the same time the guy to the right punched Dom in the face with a left hook. Dom was stumbling a bit but bumped into the guy behind him again who was now attempting lock his arms behind his back. Meanwhile the other guy came into the group while the leader stood in front of Dom.

"You really aren't the brightest guy." he would say as he would attempt to punch Dom in the face. Yet for some reason, the man's punch would fall short of target and Dom would kick him in stomach hard, causing him to fall backwards to the ground.

Dom would place a leg behind that of the guy holding him and push off with his other, throwing his weight onto the man. The two would fall back, Dom on top and throwing all of his weight into the man's chest, as he would roll backwards during the fall. The other three guys would charge at Dom, each throwing punches and kicks that all would fall short for some reason unexplained. Dom would dodge and swiftly land solid hits to them all that would be enough to have them kneel to the ground.

Dom would adjust his clothing before getting into his black jeep and promptly leaving the lot behind, heading toward Omega for his show. His jaw was numb from the punch before but hopefully it wouldn't leave any bruises. He had a really annoyed look on his face as he left.

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Before the Show
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