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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 The Big Night

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PostSubject: The Big Night   The Big Night Icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 1:27 am

Dominc's drive was a lengthy one, finally arriving around 10:30pm. He had a note in his hand with the address of tonight's venue. He was to perform at Club Anubis, so the note said. He hadn't heard much about the club but it was supposed to be really popular. He was not one to judge such things, as long as he got the bills paid.

Dom pulled up and parked around the side, seeing so many people about made him nervous actually...no scratch that, he was not nervous for his performances were flawless. He was simply surprised at the sheer number of individuals present. This would indeed be his largest crowd. Dom was getting a little excited inside. This could mean big money if he did well and kept getting asked for jobs again.

Dom grabbed his black duffle bag from the passenger seat as he got out the jeep, locking it behind him. He marveled at the club, no the city, during this night. It was pretty amazing to say the least. Dom approached the front entrance where a bouncer would stop him.

"I'mma need your name and to check that bag." he would say sternly, a hand held out for Dom's bag.

"I'm Dominic Titan, I'm supposed to be performing here tonight." he would say as he handed over his duffle bag so it could be searched.

The bouncer checked the bag first before acknowledging Dom's name. He would come across Dom's katana within the bag, pulling it out with a displeased look.

"You can't come in here with this? What kind of performer are you......Dom-in-ic...." he would trail off looking down his list of names.

"I'm a magician, here to entertain the crowd. I called in weeks ago answering an add and a guy gave me this address." he would explain.

"Ah I see, okay. Here you go, but don't think about doing anything stupid. The first bit of blood I see and your ass is dead." he would say strongly, shoving the katana and Dom's bag back into his arms.

Dom simply nodded and headed on into the club and quickly found the stage he would be performing on and the crowd he would be performing in front of. Dom looked over to the bartender and would ask where he could change for the show. From experience in smaller clubs, the bartender seemed to always know more about the place other than mixing drinks. He pointed to a door near the stage.

Dom would head on through the door and find a dressing room that reminded him of those movie star dressing rooms. This place was luxurious no doubt. Dom changed into his black tuxedo and carried his black bag out with him to the stage. Show Time.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, but more so ladies!" he would open up to the crowd with his usual charm. Dom was looking more neat and his hair somewhat straighter. He got many chuckles from the women in the crowd as always. He would always smile and make eye contact with a few of them, looking for potential guests for his performance. He would always choose thoughs that blushed a lot or quickly looked away.

"I'll be your entertainment for the night. My name is Dominic Titan and tonight I will be taking your minds on a trip like no other....with magic." he would say. As he said that he revealed his empty hands, closed them, and reopened them as he threw them toward the crowd. Nothing happened as he did this, yet he smiled. The crowd jumped back a bit from his motion then looked around at each other, trying to figure out if he did something.

"Oh, I wasn't starting just yet." he would say laughing at them. They all would begin laughing in return realizing their own eagerness.

"Okay, let's start." he would say clapping his hands twice. "Look on the back of the chair in front of you. If you're in the front row, look under your left foot." Dominic would smile, somewhat devilishly but charming nonetheless. As the crowd looked most would find blank cards, while a select few women would find an Ace of Hearts. There were many gasps and smiles and applauds as many people were stunned at the trick.

"So, who has my heart tonight?" he would ask innocently looking toward the women he knew had the Aces of Hearts. There would be several of them, about 5 which would prove funny as all would raise their hands revealing the cards then look at each other shocked.

This would be just the beginning.
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PostSubject: Re: The Big Night   The Big Night Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 12:34 am

As time had come to pass, Dom was on what could be said his 6th act of the night. The crowd had truly enjoyed his magic performance so far. There were many laughs and smiles seen and oh so much applause with each act. They were eating every bit of it up. Even the bartender in the back had a smile on his face as he looked up every now and then whilst serving drinks to the people. Things were going oh so smoothly.

Dom's next act would call for his katana and a large white bed sheet, which he pulled from his bag and showcased to the audience.

"Wow you guys are just so amazing. Don't know if I've mentioned this but its my first time performing in such a grand venue. You all really make this experience for me so great. I hope I'll be able to return someday." he would state, attempting to win over some sympathy reviews for a good reputable word.

"Now, for my next act I will be needing a volunteer from the crowd. Any takers?"

Dom scanned the crowd once more, looking for those shy women. They were always the best for these things. It would take not even a minute to spot one with a slowly raising hand.

"Ah yes, you please, come on up." he would direct her. Slowly the woman came up on the stage and stood nervously next to Dom as the crowd watched eagerly wondering what he would do to her.

"Okay, this next act tends to be a little scary and intense. A surreal moment in the subconcious brought to a frightening revelation. Not for the feint of heart but an experience one can never forget." he would explain, inspiring gasps and tension from the crowd.

"Just relax, you'll be fine." he would whisper into the young woman's ear. She was becoming a rather nervous wreck, just how he liked them for this act.

Dom would promptly place the white sheet over the woman as she stood center stage in the spotlight. He would then draw his katana from its sheath, showing in to the crowd for the awes. Dom would then move behind the woman as things would get very quiet. He would slowly raise the tip of it near the woman's back so the crowd could see. The tension in the air getting rather thick. Then he would finally allow the tip to touch her back.

Suddenly many screams would erupt from the crowd, people would stand as if witnessing murder. Well that is what most would believe they were seeing. The screams caused the woman under the sheet to get frighten and she screamed as well, rather loudly. Some people were confused at what many people were screaming for. Dom would recede the blade from the woman's back and sheath it, then snatching the sheet off her as well. Revealing her to be completely fine and leaving many people in the crowd dumbfounded.

"You did great, thank you." he would whisper in her ear, causing her to smile and giggle a little before running off stage to her seat.

Once the crowd got a hold of themselves, Dom would declare the end of his show for tonight, receiving much applause.

With that Dom went backstage to change and get his things together. From there he would stop and meet with who he assumed was the manager of the club and received his pay check for tonight, which was of a rather large sum of money for one show. A lot more than what he was told he would be receiving. As Dom would leave the club he would receive much praise from a few audience members.

He would then hop in his jeep and head on home.

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The Big Night
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