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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Example Stat Update Application

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PostSubject: Example Stat Update Application   Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:13 pm

Character Name: John Doe
Link to Character: http://ragnarokrpg.forumotion.com/
SD Earned: [Earned IC] *These are the points you acquire prior to being approved, if your just starting the number is gonna be 0*
Stats: 32
  • Used for Stats: 32
    Used for Fortune: 0
    • Strength: 8
    • Speed: 8
    • Stamina: 8
    • Accuracy: 8
    • Fortune: 8 *This will always be determined by dividing the total SD by 4. Ex. 32/4=8*

**All characters start off with 32SD**

Here is an example of some using stat increases and Fortune increases.

Stats: 50
  • Used for Stats: 40
    Used For Fortune: 10

    • Strength: 10
    • Speed: 10
    • Stamina: 10
    • Accuracy: 10
    • Fortune: 16 *This will always be determined by dividing the total SD by 4. Ex. 32/4=8*

The person here would have added 2 points to each stat making the total equal out to 40 stat points used for stats. The remaining 10 Stat Points were used for fortune and since 5 stat points equal out to 3 fortune points, changes the fortune stat point to 16 [10 + 6].

To get a better knowledge of how much stat increase affect your character click on this line here: Statistic Guide and also if your wondering how to attain more SD then click the link here


Regular Technique Points: 32 *This number for total technique points is simply doubling the total amount of fortune points you have.*
Used Regular Technique Points: 8

The rank of a technique will always be the total technique points divided by 4 Ex. 32/4 = 8
Banger 8
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Stats: N/A
Description: A quick punch that might disorient a foe
A scale on to how strong a certain rank of technique is can be located here: Technique Guide

Use the template below to add more techniques to the application.
[table border="1"]
[td][b]TECHNIQUE NAME[/b] (Rank number)
[u]Stats:[/u] [/td]
[td][u]Description:[/u] (Insert Description here) [/td]

Keep in mind that if you edit your stat and tech sheet you are required to post the date you did so and what you edited. Failure to do so may result in you losing some of your SD.
Development History

Edit Log:
Also keep in mind, the cost of each technique prior to first approval will always be equal to the rank. Meaning if a tech is rank 20 then it will cost 20EP to get it.

** Each update needs to be approved by a member of staff, so once this is done please inform someone so that they can stamp it for you**
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Example Stat Update Application
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