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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"

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The Laughing Demon

The Laughing Demon

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PostSubject: Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"   Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon" Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 6:27 pm

Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon" 209px-Hazama_%28Story_Mode_Artwork%2C_Normal%29

Account Name
The Laughing Demon

Character Full Name
Warai, Akuma

The Laughing Demon



Marital Status


Criminal [Jester]

Jester Member

Chi is a force that can be guided and shaped with enough training. Akuma can shape his Chi, which is a ghostly green colour, into many things although he favours his chains which surround him. He can use his Chi to create swords and whatever else he needs at the time, from armour to cutlery. Akuma can shape his Chi into many different objects.

Akuma maintains a calm and quiet demeanor around most people, pretending to be harmless as a member of the Jester's Group. He claims to hate fighting and prefers to avoid conflict. This, however, is simply a guise to his true nature. When people see through it, he shows his true colors as selfish and manipulative; destroying other people's lives and twisting their beliefs for his own gain. He has no qualms with killing those who get in his way, and doesn't seem to show any kind of remorse for his actions. This persona stays with Akuma in his first form.

In his second form, Akuma no longer hides his lust to kill and evilness and, instead, just tries to kill whoever is unlucky enough to be in his line of sight or just the area in which he activated his second form.

In his Third Form, his personality changes yet again. Since the form is only used to kill people, with whom, Akuma has sworn to kill for one reason or another. This form never speaks, but just drifts like a strange ghost which is exactly what it is meant to be. Because of the fact that it is just a tool to kill with, the form just kills in the most torturous way it can think of. At this point, it is not thought of as Akuma or even human. It is just "it". Nobody has lived long enough to see it and tell people about it. It remains a mystery to all. Not even rumours are around it so Akuma just calls it "The Laughing Demon".

General Appearance
Akuma's appearance is taken after the shady, creepy archetype. He is depicted with bright green hair and an ever-present smile with his eyes closed, belying a demonic nature. He wears a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath, short brown gloves, and brown steel-toed shoes. He dons a pair of black trousers held up by two brown belts. He completes the outfit with a black fedora hat to close the shady visage. He is 6ft 6 and weighs 45kg

Upon revealing his second form to enemies, he removes his hat and tie, his hair spikes upward, and he opens his eyes, which are gold with snake-like slits for pupils. His smile also becomes that of a psychopathic killer.

And, finally, upon revealing his final form he takes the appearance of a green ghost with a demonic, red, nightmare-inducing smile across his face along with one green eye. An intricate pattern goes along his arms and begins in the centre of his chest. It looks like a computer board the way the green patterns go along his arms and down his legs.


    - Jesters
    - Power
    - Demons
    - Killing
    - Manipulating
    - Destroying Dreams


    - BMF's
    - Gods
    - Weakness
    - Annoying People
    - Life
    - Dreams Coming True

Demons and Gods

Place of Birth


The Job Seeker

Akuma was once a street urchin. He lived off the food he could find in bins and used the little money he collected from people by begging or doing menial tasks that his "employers" found disgusting or they were to good to work or do chores. He hired himself out in this way making whatever money he could to hopefully and eventually find a home somewhere.

It was in this job that he met his demise. It was a simple job: steal a priceless, massive jewel from a wealthy family. It was too easy but his employer said that he would get half of the money made by selling it and that made Akuma happy and determined. To think, he was one job away from possibly a new home but he would first need to complete the job which wouldn't be as easy as he first thought.

The Heist

Sneaking in came first but was hard for his target's owner (a wealthy heir to the biggest stockbroking company in all of Japan) had known that his jewel was wanted and that someone was coming to steal it so he had informed the police and they had set up sensors, alarms and some pieces of technology so high tech that Akuma had never even seen some of them even with his wealthiest victims but a job was a job and this one needed done.

He managed to bypass the guards patrolling the area by impersonation one after knocking a guard out and taking his uniform and gadgets. He also got past and some of the alarms but some he just destroyed with some rocks. He saw some security cameras around but he knew how to deal with them. He took off his security guard jacket and threw it over the camera to quickly block its vision but he had placed a bit of string over the jacket and connected it to his finger so that when he slipped past the cameras he just pulled his jacket back and merrily walked towards his target.

He saw some doors. Some massive, steel, beautiful expensive looking doors and protecting those doors were some armored men holding some scary looking weapons. Akuma walked up to them and said,"I have been ordered to examine the jewel." They bought that and let him in and there, sitting on a golden jewel encrusted pedestal, was the biggest ruby that Akuma had ever seen. He was rich as soon as he gave to his client. But first he would have to escape.

The Inevitable

Akuma had been stupid. He had walked out of the room, jewel in hand but had forgotten all about the two guards there and so, after seeing the guards and after the guards had pulled up there guns, he had no choice but to run and be shot down or kill the guards for they had seen his face and so he disarmed one of them and shot the him and then the other but a bullet fired from the guard had hit him in the shoulder and so now he was running with a dislocated shoulder and blood on his hands. He saw some more guards and had to shoot them also but in the end he managed to escape.

He returned to his employer and found that his employer was not alone. He was surrounded with his militia and he had told Akuma that the guard he had disarmed and killed and the former owner of the gun he still had in his hands was his employer's brother and so his employer had to kill him. He was told that Akuma was never going to get any of the money anyway and so he was glad that he had a reason now to take care of that little complication forever. This enraged Akuma and so activated his first power form. The militia, not expecting such a thing to happen, hesitated which was all Akuma needed. He sent his ghost chain after the guards, killing them after a few short, bloody moments. After the bloodbath, Akuma turned on the employer but the gutless rat had managed to sneak out when Akuma had been killing the guards. Akuma vowed to find him and so joined the Jesters in honour of that vow. He took on the name Warai, Akuma which meant "Laughing Demon". It suited Akuma perfectly and so, with a new name and life, he set out to find the employer and still hunts him to this day.

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"   Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon" Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 5:48 pm

....the history seems a bit...One sides but it's good for me so.

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"   Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon" Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 6:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"   Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon" Icon_minitime

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Akuma Warai "The Laughing Demon"
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