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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Special Characteristics Guide

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PostSubject: Special Characteristics Guide   Special Characteristics Guide Icon_minitimeMon May 29, 2017 1:14 pm

Special Characteristics Guide

What is Special Characteristics?
A special characteristic is a trait about your character that you have no control over. This can range from having a bad knee to literally having no knees at all. The purpose of a characteristic is provide an example of how your character differs from other characters, adding more personality or individualism to the character. 

Why was my special characteristic denied?
If you are in a position to where your application isn't being approved due to an issue with a special characteristic then it is likely because yours would fall in line with a personality trait. Keep in mind when you make special characteristics that the point is to make something that really cannot be changed through role-playing. A special characteristic would fall into a category of being a birth defect, meaning something you were born with or the result of something in your character's past like say a kunai to the knee. An example of a personality trait being used as a special characteristic would be something like; having a quick temper, always wanting to be alone, tendencies to find trouble easily, bloodlust, and so on. These are all things that can be controlled through role-playing (rping) and thus don't qualify as a special characteristic.

Things like superior hearing, keen eye-sight, or genius level reactions, ability cost reduction (admin approval required), or even worldly knowledge fall into the SC category.

In this brief guide... you will be provided with the limitation certain special characteristics have, how they are ranked, and the amount you are allowed depending on the rank you currently possess.

Special Characteristics Ranked

As some of you are very much aware, some special characteristics (SC) far outweigh others in terms of the potential it allows. As such, here on Ragnarok we have ranked each special characteristic in three simple classes. In order from highest to lowest they are as follow:

Elite  - Considered to be the best ranked SC which usually consists of major boosts in physical abilities, and mastery over certain aspects of the character from clan skills or specialties that would come at a lower chakra cost. These can even go as far as extremely high senses. Those SC that are at this rank usually grant 15-20 SD increases to any of their physical prowess (Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Accuracy).  In terms of percenatge of increases in other ares, the most allowed is 25% - 30%. Also, those at this rank are usually reserved for characters with at least 100 SD earned though some exceptions may apply depending on the Admins approval.

Super - These , too, grant about the same increases though on a smaller scale than the Elite SC. These grant an increase  10 SD (if the increase implies as much) and are granted to 65 SD earned or higher characters, with some exceptions applying. Other increases are only increased by 15%-20% This is also the starting point to where all cost reduction based SC begin. As previously stated, only 65 SD have these sorts of SC until they reach 100 SD earned. Physical enhancing SC begin at this tier.

Average - The basic of all SC are here which can range from being able to lie with an straight face, hold your breath for extended periods, being acrobatic, high I.Q, and so on. These traits, though obvious not common, are considered minor bonuses to a character. Also at this rank the SC increases can only range from 5%-10%.

Keep in mind that all increases are compared to characters equal to base human parameters. If your hearing 30% better than your average character then that means simply your 30% higher. Nothing more, nothing less. Stacking is not permitted and only the highest number increase to a specified area of expertise will be permitted. Also be aware that for any special characteristic that deal in range based effects (hearing long distances, super smelling, naturally emitted auras, ect) then a range will be required. Keep the drawbacks in mind when you do so.

Explanation of Flaws

Moving on... next I will explain how flaws work. This itself is a very simple thing to explain since a flaw is very self-explanatory. A flaw is similar to a SC in the fact it must be something you have no control over IC (In-Character). What I mean is any form of temper tantrums, blood lust that must be sated through killing, or simply depressed all the time are a no go. These things are considered personality traits and thus have a chance of being controlled in role-playing (willpower, ect). Also flaws must relate in some manner to the perk gained from a SC. For example, a resistance to an element like fire would mean that water would be more effective than usual.

A proper flaw would fall in line with physical decreases (which follow the same Elite, Super, Average scale) as well as decreases to the senses. These are things your character can never change and thus is considered a flaw in the character. Any application that does not follow this concept will not be approved regardless of debate, some special exceptions may apply which again depends on the Administrator approving it; not a Moderator. Also flaws must equal out to the number of SC that you have, what this means if you have 3 Elite SC it is expected to see 3 Elite flaws. 

Some flaws can add up to be equal to SC. Though this can mean having more flaws, it also means having less impacting flaws on your character. Below is a simple scale to explain how ranks add into each other:  Flaws follow the same template as the SC, be sure that you use it.

Elite = 3 SCP
Super = 2 SCP
Average = 1 SCP
Lastly... there are limitations as far as how many positive SC you can have. The total number varies depending on the rank of the character in question. 

Here is the format for the SC that needs to be in each application to show distinction between different SC. Use this template for flaws as well.

Name: (What is the name of the SC)
Rank: (Elite, Super, or Average)
Description: (Provide details on what the SC grants as well as a reason why you even have it.)

[b]Name[/b]: (What is the name of the SC)
[b]Rank[/b]: (Elite, Super, or Average)
[b]Description[/b]: (Provide details on what the SC grants as well as a reason why you even have it.)

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Special Characteristics Guide
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