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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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PostSubject: Dominic Titan   Dominic Titan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 7:04 pm

Dominic Titan

Dominic Titan DomLG

Account Name

Character Full Name
[Titan, Dominic, Vince]

[Nike, Dom, V, Titan, The Fallen One]



Marital Status




Dominic is a free-lance magician. He did the job as part time while in school, however after dropping out it became his only source of income. He is successful at what he does for simple and easy reasons which add to his name, giving him good jobs for functions. He performs for all kinds of people when asked, uncaring of their history or affiliations, as long as he gets paid.

Dominic's job comes easy due to his ability that revolves around warping perception and by extension bending someone's reality. A power of illusion is what it is executed by the implementation of an energy unique to Dominic and unknown to man-kind. The origin even he does not know. By simple application of this energy to an object of interest, Dominic can change how one perceives it through their senses. The desired effect on the mind is limited to his own imagination. The effects stay maintained in mind of the affected, therefore only their reality is changed. The universal reality of all, including Dominic, remain the same. Simply put what one person experiences is not necessarily what everyone is experiencing. As the mind or the brain for better definition is the source of practically all beings, their bodies are effected by extension. If one experiences being impaled and dying, then the body feels the pain of being impaled and simulates dying. However, one does not truly die in the universal reality. Yet one can be put in a position where death will come as a result of their bodies reactions, depending on the setting and what really is happening around them. The possibility to distinguish what is illusion and what is reality is almost nonexistent and really depends on the person's reliance on their mind. Though one knows the world is not upside down could help them understand that they are experiencing an illusion. However to know that Dom's power is over illusion and not turning the world upside down is something the affected will not be able to answer. Thus the source of his power is hard to pinpoint. This is why he is successful as a magician, people believe it is all an illusion, which is what he wants them to believe.

Dominic is a loner type of individual, yet his ambitious desires require him to associate with others to achieve his goals. However in mind, Dominic is alone without friends. This much can be seen as he can easily cast aside anyone and their fillings for his own achievements, never being truly attached despite what he conveys to an individual or individuals. He does not believe in sacrificing goals for friendship as he does not have the time to be "weak" as he would refer to it. He has interest that seem normal for any other individual.

Any attempts to befriend Dominic will more than likely be accepted, however he will not make attempts to hold on to these bonds shared amongst beings. Dominic sees the world in a shade of grey, no one is different from the next person, thus he treats everyone the same. In his eyes, everyone is after something. No this does not incite paranoia in his being because he believes everyone is like this, including himself, therefore he does not fear people or interacting with them. However he does believe most people that try to befriend and hold on that as naive, especially when it comes to befriending himself. He knows that he will give up these people for a klondike bar if he desired it, thus he laughs inside at their desires to be around him.

General Appearance
Dominic is a tall male at a height of 6' 4". He has a muscular build and broad shoulders, looking like the typical college football jock. He weighs in at 275lbs. He has a slightly tan complexion and light brown eyes. His hair is brown and quite long, yet slightly unkempt, reaching just past his shoulders. He has quite the charming smile that seems to win over the women he encounters.

His style of wear usually consists of a fitting t-shirt, usually in black or white, rarely of any other color. He wears loose fit jeans, but not baggy. Nor does he sag his jeans. He wears these with a nice pair of Nike brand sneakers, usually all black, or white. His favorite choice of shoes, inspiring one of his many nicknames. He keeps a silver watch on to keep track of time. Another well noted feature to his normal attire is the white and red cowl or hood that he wears on his head loosely, with long ends that trail down his back. These ends resemble bird wings that look rather tattered as if slightly broken or torn.

For work, he dons the traditional black tux.

He is rarely seen carrying a weapon but one of choice is a katana he keeps sheathed on his back. A family heirloom that is what left of memories of his youth. The blade is always kept clean and is silver, while the hilt is black and the sheath is a dark red.

Being Alone

People that seem overly kind.
People that show a lack of ambition.

Dominic does not believe in any deities or spiritualities. He believes in the power and will of one's own being.

Place of Birth

Dominic has no memory of where he was born and is not even sure of who his parents really were. His memories come from specific times and events that he can't really connect. Sometimes he believes that he is creating his own memories and that the one's he has aren't even real. Thus the history he tells of himself constantly changes. Yet there are sometimes a few consistent details that are maintained in his stories. Such as him training in swordsmanship when he was young for several years to please his father. It was one ambition that he proudly took up to master the blade. Thus it explains his practice with the katana and his occasional appearances with the blade. Some truth must be within this memory for he does have skill that can only be seen with extensive practice and training of some kind.

Another memory of his past that is consistent in occurrence yet inconsistent in detail is the death of his parents. It is true that Dominic's parents died at some point in his life. However when they died and how they died never seems to be the same, or rather never told the same to all the time. However his retellings of the story of his parents is believed to himself, regardless of what changes when he tells it. As he seems to be creating his own memories that he whole heartedly believes in over and over. One thing for sure is that Dominic has lived on his own since he was 18 and attended a university for a short time before dropping out. He has constantly moved around due to his free-lance job and the inconsistencies encountered with finances and places of living.

Dominic's past is one of confusion and a mystery to those he meets and himself. Thus his ambition to discover some truth his memories through living. The things he does, regardless of how ethical or unethical he believes will help him remember his past and if not explain why he is doing them in the first place. Using his everyday life to build his history or using his history to explain his everyday life. It's a confusing concept but thrives on his quest for his own reality. Or his life his own illusion.
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PostSubject: Re: Dominic Titan   Dominic Titan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 7:59 pm

Wow...I say good work. your probably the second person to ever finish there app so quickly. Me being the first lol. Feather in the caps of the mods. Anyway I like it mate good work.

Apprved 1/2
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PostSubject: Re: Dominic Titan   Dominic Titan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 8:03 pm

Approved 2/2
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Dominic Titan
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