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The leader of a evil crime syndicate or a tool of truth and justice? Anything is possible in this chaotic world, question is are you willing to take it...
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 Statistic Guide

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PostSubject: Statistic Guide   Statistic Guide Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 12:38 pm


These are the numbers that help to define how strong your character is when compared to everyone else around them. Five statistics are used:

  • ~Strength
  • ~Speed
  • ~Stamina
  • ~Accuracy
  • ~Fortune

Stats are raised by spending Stat Distribution Points (SD) on them, which are primarily gained through storylines in the RP, or through OOC means such as contests. There is no maximum, but one should be aware that high stats does not denote supremacy. A person with say 30 stats in speed is slower than one with 100, but the gap is not so large that a 30 stat character could not follow an 100 speed. The stats are more a means to simply color your character but in terms of practically combat, the gap is so minute that even a 30 stat could stand a chance against one with 100. This same concept goes for all areas statistics.

This is to put more focus on actual role-play, rather than hunting for stats in order to beef up your character.


Strength is a measure of the character’s muscular or physical power. Essentially, any melee attack is focused on strength, however, it is important to keep in mind that without some investment in other statistics, your character will find it hard to hit their opponents, or to move in a manner fast enough to not have the attack avoided. This stat also affects the character’s ability to keep a hold of others, lifting strength, grip strength, as well as the force that can be applied to ranged melee attacks. For ranged fighters, an appropriate level of strength will be required to wield more complex, powerful weapons.


Speed is a measure of how quickly a character can move, both as a whole, or in specific actions. It is also the main determinant of jumping abilities, or any other movements. It can also affect evasive abilities, but keep in mind, without the ability to perceive incoming attacks, a massive speed stat is useless for the purposes of evasion.


Stamina is a measure of how sturdy a character is. It is a measure of their innate durability, ignoring things like armour. It also deals with their resistance to toxins and disease, and a person’s endurance for strenuous activities, towards temperature extremes, and also measures their overall vitality. Characters with high stamina will be able to survive with serious wounds for much longer than those without it.


Accuracy is a measure of a person’s perceptive ability. It primarily affects aim and reflexes, and also allows the character to follow movements more easily, and react to things around them, although a reasonable level of speed would still be required to physically react. It is invaluable to ranged fighters, as an impressive perceptive ability allows them to hit harder, and requires less physical strength for their attacks. Melee fighters also need an appropriate level of this to actually hit their targets.


Fortune is a measure of the resistance ability of a character to more supernatural effects. It is unique in that it is calculated as the average of the other four stats, and cannot be simply increased in the normal fashion. Fortune is also the basis of the Techniques system.

Whilst Fortune cannot be increased in the same way as the other stats, it is possibly to increase it beyond waiting for your average to rise. By using 5 SD, you can add 3 to your Fortune. However, by giving up 5 SD, you also sacrifice part of your base fortune. For example, the starting character has 32 SD to distribute, and thus, a base Fortune of 8. By giving up 15 SD for Fortune, they now have 17 SD, which results in a base fortune of 4 (Fractions are always rounded down). The 15 SD would then give an extra 9 Fortune, making the final Fortune score 13, rather than 8. It is not simply 8+9, because you have sacrificed SD to make the change. This option must be taken in increments of 5.
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Statistic Guide
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